Believing in a Dream in 2016

Believing in a Dream in 2016

I have believed in a dream for so long! I always wanted to own my own company, but didn’t know what I actually wanted. When my daughter was born, something woke inside me to want to capture photographs of my kids. Photos that I would always treasure. My husband purchased a camera for me a little over a year ago and I haven’t looked back!


I have soaked in everything I have been taught and I have strived to become better and better in what I do! Friends saw my photos of my kids and then asked if I could take their photographs and then the rest is honestly history… Here we are today… a year later!!!


This past year, I have had a dream.  A gigantic dream. My dream is starting to become a reality and I’m starting to envision it. This February is my ONE year anniversary in business!!! Yay, Shooting Star!!!  My goal in the next few years is to open up a studio in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia!

Now, I have jumped through puddles and leaps to get to where I am today and I couldn’t have done it without any of you, my clients and dear customers.  I knew I had to put in hard work these last few months. NEVER could I have imaged I’d be where I am today!!!

I have my dream equipment and lens. This past year was good practice to know what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go… With that being said… EVERY SINGLE SESSION that is booked will be fully stylized by me. I have over 100 dresses fitting sizes from a few months up until age 14.. I also have maternity gowns and headpieces.

I am a firm believe that when you stylize a session, or what you wear to a session… can definitely affect your end result and photographs. There are colors that create color casts in certain environments and is usually not pleasing to the skin. Watch out oompa loompas!!!  Haven’t you ever seen orange skin?  Or purple skin? Or blue skin? I’ve seen all the colors of the rainbow!!!  And yes, I was that photographer once! I didn’t know any better!


bing bam bom

My first model of some of the clothing choices for this year!!!

So for 2016, everyone gets the ultimate treatment and will feel like a princess. It will be an ultimate boutique experience where you will dress and up and feel beautiful. If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful… that’s my motto. You could be the prettiest person in the world, but if you don’t FEEL IT inside and your insides are ugly, well that is going to show on camera. I will get you smiling and giggling, I promise!!! It’s my job to capture how pretty you are and let that shine through!!!



Nom nom nom nom nom, my foot is delicious!!!


Cousins being cousins!

greater than gatsby

I was inspired by Greater than Gatsby!


Some of our wardrobes and headpieces shown above and can’t wait to show you more!!!


I hope to see you this year!!! It is going to be a blast!! Thank you for stopping by and checking our company out. We really do our best to put out the best product out there. We want you to treasure these photographs for years to come!!!  Let me capture some of these moments for you and show you some beautiful locations all across South Jersey!!!

I am following my passion and I hope that you will pursue yours as well.  Yes, this is a job, but it’s a job I love to do. I don’t look at it as a job. It’s my livelihood!


Okay, well enough of my ramblings!!! Can’t wait until you see our pretty gown offerings!!  Our headpieces… and most of all, you’ll get to see me shooting with my heart!!

Stay tuned because this year is about to get bumpy!!! A fun bumpy!! Woo hoo!!!


Happy Shooting, my friends!





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