Why do people like working with Shooting Star Photography?

Why do people like working with Shooting Star Photography?

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Dancing in the street in Mullica Hill!

  1. I make friends very easily

I have a lot of friends…. and not the superficial kind where folks have a ton of friends, but don’t know what their true goals and dreams are.  The kind that would give their shirts off their backs and I do the same! I am BLESSED beyond belief!  I also have many local and non-local photographer friends all throughout the country! It’s great to know you have good people in your corner!

2.  I’m creative

I am OBSESSED with photography and learning new things and techniques. I am always taking a class at any given time. I am also doing workshops with some of the greats this year!  A Katie Andelman webinar, a two day workshop with Elena Shimilova, another workshop with Meg Bitton and Sandra Bianco.  I also have a Jinky Art membership to keep my editing skills fresh and Meg Bitton’s monthly editing classes.  Yup, as I mentioned OBSESSED.  I’m also styling photo sessions this year.  I want the BEST for my customers. I truly feel that wardrobe can make or break a photo!

3. I answer emails immediately

I’m a little obsessive compulsive and I don’t like that my customers wait, or if I have a client inquiring about a session. I want to answer any questions and be available. That’s always been my motto!


Strike a pose for mommy!

4. I make it personal for my customers

Every session that I do, is truly unique. NO session has been alike. My job is to capture memories and moments. Happiness and laughter are a big plus and  my customers truly feel special by the time they are done with their shoot and their entire experience!!! Look at my Facebook page with the reviews folks have left me. I NEVER asked them to do a review. They wanted to review because they truly enjoyed their experience!

5. Customers say I’m talented in photography

Hahaha! This one makes me laugh and happy!!! However, I would never say that I’m talented. I would say that I am a student learning and always will be a student to photography.  However,  my goal is to be like nothing in the Philadelphia area.  I do believe my photography is definitely unique and that I have a truly defined style..

6. I make my customers laugh

By the time we are done our photo session, we seriously become friends!!!   I love making my clients feel at ease and I think my love and passion for what I do, truly shines!!  I am a bit cheesy with a dash of sarcastic… I definitely have that Jersey humor down!

7. I’m great with working with kids and giving them direction

I really do love working with children. I have two myself a four year old and a one year old. I love capturing each child’s unique personalities and creating art from it!


8. I make them feel special during their session and I turn it into a fun experience when often times, it can be very nerve wracking for folks.


100% of the time when I am waiting on location to meet up for a session, I can point the client out with tremendous accuracy.. even in a crowd.  Folks are nervous, they are dressed well  and really wanting things to go smoothly.  You can sense the nervousness. I call it stage freight.  However, I promise by the end of your session, you don’t even know I’m there and I’m just another member of the family!

9. I go into a session with a plan, concept  and purpose.

While most photographers will “wing it.” I go in with a full plan. From utilizing a location that I know will give the best light at that particular timeframe (and in photography, light is the most important thing). To wardrobe concepts and posing. I always have a plan.  I tend to work quickly and know what I want to get out of the session for my clients. I am a planner.

10.  I really love working with people

Hahaha! Not everyone is peaches and roses, but the majority of 99.99% of my clients, I LOVE and adore working with them. I love being the one picked to capture THEIR treasured memories.  I really feel that it’s a huge honor!!!

11.  Locations!!!

I am truly a nut when it comes to locations. I have published two books on places to seek out in South Jersey! I know of places that one can only dream and I am blessed to have been an explorer of my great state!!! New Jersey is beautiful… Most folks would disagree, but if I took you out for a few hours, you would see what I see!!! I have had agencies hire me to take them out to explore places!


I hope that you enjoy my witty nature and I look forward to speaking with you soon!!!


Happy Shooting, my friends!




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