A Day With Meg Bitton

A Day With Meg Bitton

Every photographer has a dream photographer that they look up to and want to meet one day. Usually, this person is one with years of experience and has taken the world by storm.  One with a reputation to teach and make their students better than they were before.


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One of the gorgeous models from the Meg Bitton workshop!!!

That one photographer for me was Meg Bitton.  Ever since I got into photography and her work mesmerized me through the screen, I instantly fell in love with her soft and elegant style. It truly spoke to me.  I looked at her work and said… I MUST learn from her one day.

Last year, was tremendous growing pains for me. I worked hard to where I am today. I took class after class and my work keeps improving with every session that I complete.  I saw Meg had a simple and affordable Winter’s Light workshop and I jumped at the chance to finally learn from her!


Love you Meg! This is all me and my style!

Funny enough the day of her workshop, my SUV was having issues and warning lights came on. I was not going to miss this class so I called my mom, who thankfully resides in the next town over, and explained to her what happened and she graciously let me borrow her vehicle for the day.

I took the semi-short journey of about an2 hour and 2o minute drive up to her North Jersey location and arrived early. I did not want to miss a minute. As I saw other photographers pull up, I saw that they too were nervous to meet one of their photography idols, as I was.



Love this little girl!

Within the first few minutes I felt at ease, although I could cut the room with a knife because I could sense the nervousness oozing out from each and everyone of us and what in the hay we were going to expect as this day moved forward.  A lot of folks have put Meg on a pedestal, but Meg showed us she is human and one of the girls, like all of us. She wore her sunglasses and just kicked back on her plush sectional in her cozy workshop. We each got to discuss why we were there.  Meg has been a photographer all her life.  I respect that about her. She’s gone through the ups and downs of this business and now presently dealing with the new digital age. She has perfected her craft. However, she never stops learning. We all should never stop learning.

When we were finished with our talk, we ventured out to the nearby woods and this is when I fell in love with Anna Triant’s dresses and Meg herself.  The way she takes over with just her camera and her subject. Right then and there, I was inspired. Right then and there, things clicked for me. Right then and there… I thought to myself…. this is what I needed to see. She helped show folks how to find good light and was very interactive throughout the entire aspect of shooting.



Such a sweetheart!

I got to speak with the moms of the models as Meg uses them often in her work. I saw the pride they had for their daughters and with having another day with Meg. I complimented how well these girls were at what they do and told them how happy they must be. Everyone I spoke to was down to earth and so open. Even the girls I went to the workshop with. In fact, I’ve become friends with one of the girls from the workshop and we’ve gotten together since!

We headed back to her studio and this is where we could ask any questions about the day and we sat in awe as she uploaded her pictures and showed us how she would edit them.  After, we sat around and discussed business matters and finalized our day of questions so we could return home.

When I left that day, I had a high. I sang and blasted the radio up in the car for my semi-long journey home and couldn’t wait until I could put into use what Meg taught me.


Meg taught me these things…


To be me, that my style is good!!! And to keep going with it!

To stylize my sessions and that clothing/wardrobe plays a vital role in photography. The way you are dressed, can MAKE or BREAK your photographs because of this, this is why the change this year of my business in stylizing for girls and will be stylizing for boys, men and women going forward. I was already stylizing my maternity sessions.

To find light-  Honestly, I was good at finding it before and with the locations I utilize, but Meg really makes you pay attention to it…  She showed us the way… and how to get the BEST out of our images!

The next day after the workshop, I had a session.  From that session, I published TWO photographs. I owe that to Meg as I’ve tried for the last year to get published with Inspire and could never get published. From then and there, business has taken off and more images have been published.

She made me realize that I deserve the best, I deserve to respect myself and do what I love to do and to not take every client on that waves money at me.. To only take on what I want to take on and it’s okay to go with only your vision and your gut and to follow your passion.


Seeing out of the box!


To be honest, by the time of Meg’s workshop. I was burned out from the fall. I worked non-stop from August to November with only 2 days off. I had sessions every day except those two days. I was exhausted and was starting to hate photography.  She sparked that again in me. This year, has been many changes, but for the good. I value myself and I have worked hard to get to the skill level that I’ve always wanted to be at. I’m always learning. Every single day, I learn something new and that will never stop. However, I have grown by leaps and bounds in one year’s time in which it takes other photographers 5 or more years to achieve.

I guess this is my public thank you to Meg herself for letting me find myself. I don’t want to be Meg, I do have my own style, but I am inspired by her and her work. I look forward to learning from more greats this year.  I just finished a webinar with Katie Andelman, a weekend workshop with SallyKate and Lemmonmade Photography is coming up this April, a workshop with the great Elena Shimilova this September and again, I will get to see Meg Bitton with Sandra Bianco this year.  I loved what Meg has taught me and I feel forever blessed.  I signed up for a monthly editing webinar for a year with her, after the workshop to keep myself fresh from all that I have been taught by her!


I have a feeling this is going to be one helluva year in growth and learning. And also a great year for my business.

Happy Shooting, my friends!!!




P.S.  If you have any doubt in doing a Meg Bitton workshop… just do it. Hopefully, it will spark something within yourself too!  I now look at everything differently, from my subjects, to giving better direction and how to get the very best out of them with the locations I use!!

Thank you, Meg!!! See you in September!!!










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