Top 20 Facebook Groups You Should Join

Top 20 Facebook Groups You Should Join

My Top 20 Photog Facebook Groups

And if you are a photographer… You must join join!

Every single day, there are new photographers popping up. I admire them. They’re bright-eyed and bushy tailed and eager to learn (or should be). They are excited and have a ton of passion. If one is already naturally creative, they can apply that to their new role and journey.

It’s crazy because I don’t look down on these new togs. I know that if they are going to make it, they’re going to have to dedicate so much time building their business and developing their craft. It is HARD and it’s HARD to get on your feet initially. HARD to get your name out there and book appointments. Plus, you want to learn and soak up EVERYTHING you can get your hands on!!!



A cute little nugget I got to capture here in South Jersey this winter!

Trust me, I get it. I do great with folks in South Jersey. I book a lot of sessions and some I have to refer out and qualify to see if I’ll be the best fit for the customers. If I didn’t refer these folks out and qualify them, I’d have too much of a workload on my plate and would be stressed to the gills.

However, I am starting out in a sense by launching myself into new markets like Delaware and Philadelphia. These markets I am now going after and trying to get my name out and am now laying the footwork to get in there like I’ve done here in South Jersey.

I try and keep my life in balance, but unfortunately my workload sometimes gets the best of me. New tog, It’s going to be tough, but you can do it! Your first year will have you on a roller coaster.

Anyway, I tend to ramble a lot. However, I wanted to devise a good list for the newer photographer starting out of some great Facebook groups that I think will be truly beneficial to you as you stomp through the mud of your journey.

So here it goes… My ultimate Facebook group resource!

set me free

Love this beautiful little nugget!!! Taken about 2 weeks ago!



1. The Law Tog
Created by a fellow photographer and lawyer, it’s a wonderful resource for any legal questions you may have. She’s also got this rocking contract she sells in her shop. I had it reviewed by a local lawyer and it passed with flying colors.

Now sometimes some of the questions are train wrecks, but it definitely teaches you about the business behind the scenes.

2. Photography Props Group

If you’re starting out, you’re going to need props. A ton of them. Especially,  if you are going into newborn photography or studio work.. Personally, I am not a big fan of props, but that is why I choose not to do this type of photography!  If you are looking for a particular item (this is a fab group for newborn photographers), it’s a great mix of vendors and photographers. Ask for what you are looking for and you shall receive!

There’s also a $25 and under group.

3. SEO for the Professional Photographer

If you are starting out, you’re going to need a website and with that comes maintaining your site. Requiring you to learn all the fun about SEO aka search engine optimization and how to get your website to rank high and on the first page or 2nd with your target keywords.

4. Photographer’s Alliance

For basic questions, this is a great professional group of photographers. They cover a more wide range of subjects, but I’ve never seen drama in this group like I have seen in others, so that’s a huge plus.

5. The Modern Tog

A neat Facebook group of almost 25,000 photographers where you can ask business or general marketing advice.

6. Photography Tutorials

You’re going to need to learn about new techniques and programs like Lightroom, ACR and Photoshop.


I’ll actually post a blog in the future of some great photography editing sites and places to learn how to edit, but for now it’s Facebook groups:)

7. WHICH Group

This is a group where you can ask unbiased questions on the workshop you’ve been eyeing to see if it’s worth going or not. Also, on any editing webinars, etc.

8.  Pretty Dresses for RESALE


Meg Bitton has a dress group. Where she sells dresses in batches every so often of the high end gowns she photographs.

9. Marketing For Photographers

I don’t think so need to explain that much… But you guessed it… Marketing questions and tips for all you lovely photographers.

10. Leah Maria Couture
American made dresses/gowns/props for us budding photographers

11. Photographer’s Playgroup

This one can be a lot of fun as an image is posted and other photographers will edit it. It’s always interesting to see what folks can come up with on the same image.

12. Photographer’s Support

Great place to whine and get some support on certain business related matters.

13. Other cool dress groups for Dollcake, Tutu Du Monde, Joyfolie, etc.

14. Photographer Resources

This is one of my favorites. There’s a ton of freebies in here and great learning resources!

15. Learning OCF aka Off camera flash

Excellent Facebook group if you are wishing to learn off camera flash. A lot of great and free resources in here.

16. Photoshop and Lightroom Group

With over 100,000 members prepare to swoon over some work in here!

17. Pure Newborn, Maternity and Beyond

Great group. One of 3 group I’m regularly in. This was started by Alicia D’Amico. You’ll learn a lot in here!

18. Newborn Photography 101

The funny thing is, it isn’t all about newborns. It’s everything! It use to be my favorite group and is still in the top 3!

19. Meg Bitton’s Group

The talent in here alone, will either make you swoon or want to go cry in a closet because you will think you really really suck and may never want to pick up a camera again

20. The South Jersey Speakeasy Group

Last, but not least. If there are any local photographers in the South Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia areas, this is a great group and resource for you!

I hope you enjoy this list! I am apart of so many groups, but these are the ones I’m most privy too and believe have helped me along in this wonderful journey of photography!

Maybe I’ll see you around in these favorite groups of mine?  Or in Delaware my new territory… or the Mainline in Philadelphia!!!

Woo hoo!!!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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