Spring Has Sprung!!!

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Oh… my…. goodness!!!  The weather has been FANTASTIC lately. For March, it has been pretty mild! EEEEEEK!!!! The magnolias have bloomed earlier than normal.. I have a terraced garden and it’s truly incredible to look out at what is in bloom.  The narcissus, magnolia, white willow, magnolias, hellebores, hyacinths and periwinkle giving me a beautiful dance right now. It’s like winter’s hibernation is finally over and spring is officially here!!!



My daughter near our South Jersey stream. She’s holding a white willow branch in which she picked out herself.

It’s new beginnings for me this year and am treading on different waters. I am starting off fresh and offering something very different to the entire Philadelphia area… STYLIZED SESSIONS!!!! Yes, you got that right!

Why waste money on something you may only wear once or twice?  I bring a great selection of gowns with me to every single session in your size and time permitting, you can slip on anything you like. My house is starting to look more like a boutique, haha! I want you to feel like a million buckaroos!!! I am so happy to be able to provide this to all my clients!  I want my clients to feel and look beautiful as this is will be a very special memory that I will be capturing for a lifetime.


Another cute capture of one of the loves of my life!

Currently, I am offering clothing/dresses for all girls ages 2-14.  I have a variety of different styles and colors.  ALL MATERNITY SESSIONS ARE STYLED.  I have just started purchasing gowns for women (so please inquire, I MAY have your size) and boys.  I have a few suits, ties, suspenders, hats. I will eventually have some pieces for men. I also provide headpieces in beautiful chiffons, silk, lace, crowns, feathers and everything in between!!!



One of my first spring captures this year! What a princess!

My goal is to provide a luxuriant service to all my customers!  From start to finish! This is why we’ve only been in business for a year and have had clients return 4 or 5 times! We LOVE them! and guess what? I love you, too!

On the horizon are unique session offerings. I will be offering sessions in azalea, lavender, daylily, sunflower and gladiola fields.  Unfortunately, the peonies and cherry blossoms have been sold out this year!  But… maybe again for next year?


However, I have hundreds of scouted locations (including some private properties that I have available). We will do our best to give you what you want!!!



Another capture from my “spring” session!

I think in my next posting, I might show a little of the dresses I have accumulated! I think you will fall in love! I have over 30 more dresses coming in and a few special order princess crowns!

How we work is… you tell us your size or sizes needed… and I bring a hand-picked selection for you to choose from. I also bring headpieces! You can have as many wardrobe changes within your session time period. I want you to enjoy your experience. I also bring an assistant with me to give you the best we have to offer!  This assistant helps with getting smiles, helping you dress, watching for any fly away hairs, getting you a drink, if you need it… They are here to help!!!


We’ve also opened up to servicing Delaware (love me some Delaware, it’s actually not the far from me), the Philadelphia metro market and even central Jersey this year!!! YES!!! We will come to you!


Well… I look forward to hearing from you soon!  Thank you for stopping by and happy shooting, my friends!!!

Dee Giumetti

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