Being a photographer is about having an eye and seeing things that normally folks would pass over! I’ve decided to document my pullbacks for folks to get a better sense of what I see in a location… This is the photographer’s eye and knowledge.  I am all about light, that creamy bokeh and my subject and choosing a location I what to get the best for my clients!

A little background on this location! This is my mother’s place out in the country. I noticed great light here, whenever I have come to visit and started taking photos of my children here.  Folks, saw these photographs posted online and voila, it’s been a popular spot among folks who inquire as folks send me my samples of photos taken at this location..


There is a cornfield and very open land!  It makes for some incredible bokeh!

[wpvideo DGmxJMV0]


Above are some of my favorite images taken at this location. The light and sunsets are pretty incredible.  Hope you enjoy this pullback!  I am hoping to do a maternity session here in the near future!


The property sits east to west and is almost 5 acres.  Sunsets are incredible and I love the big open feel to it.  Not to mention, the light is fabulous!!!  It has become one of my favorite spots because of location and also, if one needs to use the facilities, we have that all there. Also, if it’s cold… we can hurry back into the house and warm up a bit between sets!


I’ll be posting more about the locations I use and more pullbacks and videos!!! And would love to post more behind the scenes! I hope that you enjoy and perhaps see what a photographer sees!  Through my very own eyes!


Happy Shooting, my friends!







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