My 2016 Prep Sheet and Style Guide

My 2016 Prep Sheet and Style Guide

Yep, things are changing around here. I am a picky photographer. I have to be. This is my livelihood and honestly, I want folks to get the very best out of their session when working with me!  It’s good to be picky! I am a bit of a snob when it comes to light too. I love light and I have strict standards to when I like to shoot outdoors to give the very best and to put you in the best light… NO PUN INTENDED.

Here’s my general guide… Yes, it’s long… but you want the best in the Philadelphia and New Jersey region, right?



Some Anna Triant love South Jersey love… and a gorgeous little gal!  All the girls I get to are gorgeous!! LOVE my job!


Shooting Star Photography
2016 Styled Session Prep Sheet

Since I am offering stylized sessions, this is a great list of information on prepping you with your photo shoot with Shooting Star Photography.

Maternity Preparation

I bring about 3 gowns for you to choose from.  Please no flip flops as they do not photograph well. Closed toe shoes, boots, going barefoot, or neutral colored sandals are preferred and photograph the best.

I will also bring some headpieces to choose from.  Please wear your hair to your liking. I prefer hair down either straight or curly.


Please bring nude boy shorts or underwear.  Preferably a nude strapless bra or nude bra in general.  I do not provide these items due to hygienic purposes.


Please keep makeup as simple as possible. Dark/heavy makeup do not mix well for outdoor portraits as you will be moving around and will probably sweat a little.

Please bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

We include immediate family (if you have other children) and the father in the beginning of your session so please plan your outfit accordingly.  Towards the end, we will ask you to change and do some formal shots with the father and then the formals of yourself.

We will have an assistant on hand to help you with whatever you need.

Children’s Prep Sheet

At this time, I only have dresses and gowns for girls ages 1-14. We do have a few boy’s items. Please inquire.

We pull about 3 items for a half hour shoot and about 5-7 items for an hour shoot. We currently do not provide a current list of dresses in our inventory. We do like to freshly cycle them so that we aren’t photographing the same dress all the time.

Please arrive 15 minutes early so that we may dress you in a wardrobe prior to the start of your session.

Make sure child is wearing neutral undergarments. Is clean. Trust me, I know how kids can be. I have two myself. Also, check for any boogers.  I know it’s gross yes, but editing out boogers is no fun either.

Please bring a few pairs of dress shoes as we do not provide this for our clients. Preferably, white, silver, gold, black or neutrals as they can go with anything.

Makeup, I do not recommended makeup on any child as I like them to be children. I do not alter appearances as other photographers do and will not alter a child’s appearance other than skin correction.

We also have a wide arrangement of headpieces to choose from.

I will not liquify ribs, alter ears, eyes, give nose jobs or slim a child. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE WHATSOEVER.

I want your child to have a fun experience and feel like a princess.  They will be treated as one!

Please bring some water and snacks so that we can take breaks throughout the session and your child can take a few moments for themselves.

Family Sessions-

At this time we do not have a full inventory to style an entire family session. However, we can provide you with some great tips.

Attention to detail is everything, including socks! Especially for men, we can see your socks in certain posing placements. Also, please keep phones out of pockets and hair ands off of wrists.  We will also do a quick check before we start our session.

Wear neutral colors, pastels or jeweled tones. Prints are okay, but nothing too loud.

Textures film well. So if you have silks, chiffons, feathers, tulle, these are great choices to wear on camera!

As above, no heavy makeup. Keep it light and fresh.

Bring some snacks and drinks for the kids and please make sure they are well-rested prior to their session.

You can always shoot me a text or email, if undecided in a wardrobe selection. We are here to help!

Wardrobe selection,  as well as light, are the two most important roles in your photographs.  Believe it or not, location plays the third role, not first. Please trust me on locations that I provide.

FYI, You will probably think I am showing up like a bum to your session. I normally wear tights, boots and either a blouse or sweater. You will see me mostly rolling around in  the dirt (yes, I am very dirty after each session) or you will be seeing me trampling through mud. I take this job very seriously for my clients! My assistant is usually in much more presentable attire. Please don’t judge me.

All sessions will take place about an hour to an hour and a half prior to sunset. On particular beaches, we may start about a half hour prior to sunset and work with the light when it has set. No exceptions. I am very strict when I shoot because I like to provide my clients with the best!

I do not double book days.  I only do one session per day, which is why it is very important to pay your retainer and lock in the date you want. As dates book up quickly, even weekdays.

In the case of inclement weather, we will reschedule and if we are unable to reschedule, you will receive your retainer back.

I hope I have provided you with a great list going forward! I am a bit picky, but this is why people choose me. These are memories you will have forever and attention to every detail is very important to me!

Please feel free to reach out with any other questions!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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