New tog? Get your White Balance in check!

New tog? Get your White Balance in check!

Sooo… You want to edit like a big girl or boy boy…??

As we all know, taking pictures BEHIND the camera is about 10% (some would even say less) of our job and the other would be what goes on behind the camera.  The other 90%.

Well, this topic will be on editing alone. If folks are wanting to get a nice artistic look or edit in an artistic aspect, it all starts with a good Sooc image (straight out of camera) without that… You can throw it away. The more you strive to get it right in camera, the better off you are going to be.

A lot of things can be marginally (sometimes majority fixed in Raw), but the one thing you can’t fix is focus. If your subject is super soft and out of focus… That goes right into the garbage bin, unless you want to keep your “blurry image” for an artistic effect. If you blow out your highlights, it’s much more difficult to bring that detail back in post then it is to underexposed a tad to retain more detail.  Now, all this really is a preference in now you shoot. Of course, if you prefer a brighter/airy look you may be blowing out your sky and background a bit more.


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Without proper white balance, their skin tones and the entire image may be affected. 

I tend to underexposed a teeny bit or try to expose for skin tones as to keep skin looking the best as possible when it comes to post. Without good skin (light, color, composition) the image can also be a dud.  No one wants an Oompa Loompa image.

So we have covered focus and exposure. The other important factor in a good image is your white balance.  Without proper exposure and white balance and if you try and go into editing, you’re just polishing a turd. No matter what you do, it’s going to still look like poo.

Understanding proper exposure and white balance are the key elements (and of course focus being number one) when it comes to photography. If you can strive for getting it the most perfect you can in camera, your life will become much much easier. All creative edits start out with a real clean image.. Proper white balance and exposure have been adjusted and after that, it’s game on for the fun stuff.


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When I started to learn about white balance…. 

So just keep this in mind when you shoot.  I use to set my own white balance using a filter, but I’ve learned that kelvin gets me great results and now utilize this, instead of auto white balance.  I also utilize focus peaking and a highlight priority in camera, so that I can better nail focus and to not blow out my highlights.

I can’t tell you how many photographers I see out there that just are not aware of even white balance and it destroys their image.  I see kids looking blue, magenta, orange, gray a lot and with a simple understanding of white balance, this can be corrected.  Proper white balance is going to make or break your photos!

I have trained my eye over this short amount of time and have developed certain pet peeves with working and white balance has unfortunately, been one of them.  For anyone new to this field, study it long and study it hard. This will help you to be a better photographer.

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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