Our Stylized Sessions Have Been a Hit!!!

Our Stylized Sessions Have Been a Hit!!!

Hi there! As stated a long, long, long time ago on this blog of Neverland… that I would be offering stylized sessions this year… and guess? We did it! We launched it!!! It has been a blast!  I receive sometimes a few new dresses a day that ship in and it’s pretty crazy.  I have now over a 100 different dresses in sizes ranging from 12 months up until 14 years old. I have just started receiving and collecting some adult gowns… as one is shown below..



One of my new and beautiful adult offerings!!!  It is made of a feather bodice and long tulle body.


A few more selections have come in a champagne with sequins (its gorgeous, trust me, not ugly) It would fit a size 4-6 individual and has a built in bra.  I also have a black gown for size 12.  A pink gown that will fit most folks from a size 6-10.  I will feature that down the road.

One thing I have noticed this year is the girls and boys, when they are dressed up, they seem to cooperate much more easily.  I honestly believe it is because they are playing dress up and feel like the little princesses or princes that they are.

A few things that I need to change this year, is my turnaround time. I am at about 8 weeks now. Last year’s was about 10-12 weeks and at least I have managed to cut that down efficiently this year, but would like to try and keep it at a simple 4-6 weeks.  Even sooner if possible.

For the little girls, I have dresses in all sizes and colors and hundreds of hair pieces and crowns for you to choose from.  We bring a little pop up changing tent with us on location and about 4 different dress options that you can choose for during your session.  It’s been a hoot and I’m in love!!!



One of my most favorite and most simple dresses added to the collection this year… modeled by “Miss Marilyn Monroe.”

A lot of moms and dads will ask what types of shoes their children should bring. I always recommend neutrals, silvers, blacks, whites, golds, something that will still film well on camera.

Some new locations I have scouted are in Medford, Deptford, Vineland, Pedricktown, Sewell and Monroeville for this year. I am now looking into locations in Delaware and the Chester County area to kind of branch out for my clients.  I’ve got a few private properties that I use as well to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for all.  Thanks for being a huge support for me and my business this year. A few kinks to still work out as have only been in business a full calendar year, but think we’re well on our way!!!!  I’m enjoying this roller coaster ride. It’s been pretty unreal!!!!  I’ve been traveling up and down South Jersey and into Philly lately… It’s been rough and it’s been very busy. Our calendar is pretty full into November this year… for that is a blessing in itself. One goal going forward, is to provide even better customer service then what we are providing now.  We’re working out the details for our future endeavor!!!  Stay tuned! It’s going to be fun! Will be featuring more of our selections! About half our inventory hasn’t even been worn yet!!! Can you imagine??


Happy Shooting, my friends!!!













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