New Arrivals!!

New Arrivals!!

I am going to start showcasing the available dresses and gorgeous ball gowns that we offer as a courtesy for our sessions!!! I will show a collage with numbers and you can even choose this in part of your bookings with Shooting Star Photography.  This way you can select what you would like for your daughter to wear!!!  Wahoo!!!

This is a freshly new arrival and thought would be perfect for my daughter to model!

I will post the sizes and colors that are available in the selection provided. My first dress highlight is this guy!  As I continue on with the blogging and adding dresses, you will see the collage fill out more with our selections.


This dress number 1 is available in both red and blue and works with sizes 2-3. It’s a lovely summer and light cotton dress.  Great for the little one’s comfort.





The dress in action. We have both red and blue available in sizes 2-3 for the little princesses!!!  This was an impromptu session in our Shooting Star Photography garden which is located in Woodstown, NJ.

Stay tuned for more pretties and for our number 2 feature shortly! I will continue to update and showcase what we have to the collage.  The is the first post of hundreds of our offerings.  Can’t wait to showcase the red in use too!!! Would look cute pretty much in any session. I can imagine a beautiful meadow, lake, stream, wildflowers… It’s such a pretty and versatile piece. Also, we have numerous headpieces to go with these dresses.


As always, we offer styling of our selection as a courtesy to all of our Philadelphia and Delaware area clients! You are also free to wear whatever you wish!!!


Thanks for stopping by and happy shooting my friends!!! Heading out shortly to Moorestown for a session!





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