Another session in the books!!

Another session in the books!!

I LOVE photography! It is my dream to do and to capture these memories for folks!!! I will be honest, this age is the most difficult to photograph! I find that if you encourage your subject to interact with the environment then you can definitely get some great photographs!!!



I find this age hilarious!!! How they can go from laughing to crying in the matter of minutes! 


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I LOVE capturing the fun at this age!!!!  Lots of cute little mood swings from happy to… I’m done… I had enough attitudes!!!

This session was a ton of fun as mom was up for anything. We drove to 4 different locations within a few miles of one another to give a little fun variety.  Which was near me in Salem County, in South Jersey!!!


I LOVE where I live! Lots of country, lots of nature and forest!!  We started in our garden, then took a nice drive up Route 40 and then looped around to a field off of 45… and then made our way to the Nature Preserve near East Lake!!! It was a fun day!!


I hope mom enjoys her very colorful photos!!! I just delivered these to her mailbox!!! I will post some more shoots soon!! Been very busy and my focus has been editing albums and getting them out the door!!! I am also scaling back real soon! I can’t take on the workload that I have been currently undertaking. I will be going down to one per week starting NOW! My year is almost full, so you may want to book soon!


Also, have a very Happy 4th this weekend!!! We will be celebrating our son’s 5th big boy birthday!! Very excited for our family gathering!!!


Happy Shooting my friends and New Jersey!!!!  Can’t wait to share some upcoming plans and concept shoots with you!!!





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