My Exquisite City Shoot on the streets of Philadelphia

My Exquisite City Shoot on the streets of Philadelphia

There comes a time when you just want to let your creativity soar as a photographer.  You end up planning every single little detail… from the location, to the time, to the wardrobe… even down to WHO you wish to photograph.  All these come together and align into something magical. And magical it was!!!!

This was a beautiful April day. There was virtually no traffic on the street. However, it did get a little bit chilly at night.  We had parents stand by with jackets and warm blankets. And the magic happened!!! I brought together some local photographers in the South Jersey area and we had a blast!!!  It was my first time ever doing a model call and it went wonderfully!!!

Here are some photographs from this shootout!!!



Gah! Twirling on the city street!!  Model is wearing an Anna Triant gown that I have available for all clients!

my sister my best friend

My sister, my best friend! Don’t you want to eat them up?



Must twirl like no one is watching!  That’s a standard at Shooting Star Photography!!! Love my South Jersey clients!!!


LOVE these little girl and sweet little faces!!


Gorgeous balcony girl! Wearing one of our pretty salmon numbers!


Capturing true emotions is what we are all about here!!! Joy! Joy! Joy!


City fashionista!!! Watch out!


Sweet ring around the rosy!


Lets twirl again! LOVE this pink number!!!


Sweet little sister kisses!!! Did you know I own all these gowns? And they are all available for your sessions!!!


Twirl and twirl again and again!!!

sweet n sassy

Love this sassy little girl!!!


Last but not least and probably one of my favorite photographs from this session.  I named it, “Sweet Little Secrets.”  How appropriate, right?

We had a fabulous time! I couldn’t be more happy with how these turned out in my first creative series!!! Also, this is the PERFECT location for a photo shoot.  The street is situated direction East to West, which makes for that beautiful golden hour light you see in these photographs!!  I LOVE PHILADELPHIA and that urban look!!!

I am all about light as a photographer! I can’t get enough of it!!!  When you work with me… I give you my BEST and thousands of dollars I have spent to perfect every photograph in workshops that I have attended… I only pick the BEST to work with in the industry as well!!!  With even 5 more workshops that I will be attending this year alone!!!

Thank you South Jersey!! For keeping me in business!!!  I’ve been very very busy and sold out for the year and I appreciate EVERYTHING and your support!!!

Remember!! ALL of what you see here is available for your special session!!!

You rock!!!  Thanks again!! And Happy Shooting!!! See you soon!


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