Breaking The Mold As Artists- Take Some Risks! 

Breaking The Mold As Artists- Take Some Risks! 

I recall the saying of, “life is not that simple in black and white.” That sentence speaks volumes to me. It’s profound and has a very deep-rooted meaning. Well, for one life truly isn’t. We deal with constant reality on a daily basis and often find ourselves in gray areas of a story or in our own lives. What’s truly right? What’s wrong? Often times, toying with our nurture vs nature or common values and what “the media” states is right and wrong and you want to run in the opposite direction as if you were fleeing from fire or the media itself. Hahaha. Burn baby burn. I honestly can’t watch the news anymore.

With photography, the saying can mean just the opposite. I find black and white photographs to be very simple. It balances out all the distractions and color and leaves you with the emotions or gestures of one’s face or can perfectly describe or portray the moment… That exact moment in time. Black and whites also (to me anyway) really capture the light and what was available at the time or lack of (some of those moody portraits can be extracted by flat light photographs). What I am saying is, I feel I’ve done it all wrong. I’ll explain…

Dancing in Cherry Hill
I find this picture awesome in the way it captured the emotion of dancing/twirling and also how the sunset “highlights” them.
Variety is the spice of life, right? Or so they say? I honestly haven’t done a black and white photograph for the longest time and have RARELY done them for my clients EVER. Recently, I started to get back into doing more black and whites on my personal images after my year hiatus of hardly converting anything to a black and white format and I have to admit… I was missing out. Some great moments that I have captured, truly look better as a black and white photo. And… I find it freeing for myself as have been stuck in a color rut or same editing routine and it’s good to spice things up once in awhile (see what I did there? Look at the beginning of this paragraph… Oh and if you’ve gone this far reading… Well, God bless you South Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia, or wherever you came from .. No seriously…. I just heard you sneeze. God bless you again.)

I finally feel free as an artist lately. I’m trying new things and editing techniques and gasp! Some of those new things include good ol’ black and white photography. It’s worth giving a shot, eh? I mean… I haven’t gotten this far without taking risks and wahoo am feeling alive again.

Southern New Jersey Princess

Here’s another I took a risk on and is not my usual editing style. This image was actually published today.
Come and join me for the ride because it’s going to be fun!! But please… Put on your seatbelt. Hey, I like risks, but never can be too safe, eh?

Until we meet again my friends!
Happy Shooting!


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