Oooh lah lah! A FREE preset

Oooh lah lah! A FREE preset


Free Photography Action


Hi there!  It’s me again! Dee the Shooting Star Photography lady.  Yes, I have been super duper busy running all over the Philadelphia and New Jersey vicinity that I can’t seem to see straight… but I have to admit… it’s a great thing!  And I LOVE every second of it! It’s been such an incredible journey!!!

This Year has been AMAZING! I feel like I have tremendously grown as an artist… I have had the privilege to be a “mentee” and studying under some of the best in the industry. They have helped me to grown and look outside the box on things. I am forever grateful in what I have learned!

I can’t explain the feeling I get when my clients tell me they LOVE my work. It’s a surreal feeling to me. It gives me goosebumps! I have had many tears, worked many long hours, studied so much to get to where I am.

Well, it’s time to give back! I made this little Lightroom preset the other day. That I thought if other artists come to my page they make like to give it a whirl. I used it on this guy right here!


I am totally in love with the film look right now and used this preset as a base!


Please click here to be directed to the dropbox link. I’m also told folks had problems downloading on safari, but chrome was a ok!

Dee’s Film POW!.lrtemplate click here!!! come and get it! I used it as a base on the below photograph!


Pretty girl in South Jersey peony field!

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