Before and Afters

Before and Afters

One of the things I have worked very hard on this year was editing and taking a ton of workshops! I have been everywhere from South Carolina, to Virginia, New York, Northern New Jersey and beyond for workshops (including a ton of webinars) this year. They mean everything to me and to the type of photographer I wish to become and am working hard to get to.  I believe in education wholeheartedly in this business!


I wanted to share a few before and afters up on here to see the type of magic I put into some of my sessions. Some are more simple than others, but hopefully you can see my creative vision that I put into every SINGLE ONE of my images. My goal is to be the leading fine art photographer in the Philadelphia area and vicinity.  I love my backyard and am very excited for the opportunities that folks have afforded me this past year in a half in business. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love to do EVERY SINGLE day!



Beautiful Alyssa during a stunning beach session!!!

For this guy here I just warmed it up and added some vibrancy. Nothing major, but small little fixes can make or break an image! As always a good image starts with a great SOOC or straight out of camera as we photographers like to say.



South Jersey sunflowers.

Here’s another one. I did not add a sky overlay. As you can see, I exposed for the subjects and the sky in this one to retain the orange vibrancy as you see in the final image.  I then in post added the sun flare from another photo I took from that very same day and very session, but I did keep most of the detail in the sky and played with the coloring in post.


As you can see very subtle changes in post as I am a stickler for getting it right in camera and then adding some of my secret sauce to them. I LOVE capturing a story and is a big deal to me.


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