Recent mini session!

Recent mini session!

Hi there! I need to post more sessions up here on this blog! This is a recent mini session I did here in South Jersey…  in good ol’ Sewell actually! They were 15 minute sessions at this gorgeous location with amazing light! I seriously could die at the light here! It’s rustic, it’s perfect and it’s a wonderful place to do sessions in Washington Township as there aren’t too many locations available to us photographers… (besides Washington Lake Park or James G Atkinson).  I had found this spot by chance and immediately fell in love with its East to West location!  Prime location for any photographer is East to West!

Being a photographer means you can shoot in ANY conditions and if you can’t you shouldn’t be in this business!  I am a huge advocate for shooting at prime golden hour because of the light and I am crazy about my light, but that always isn’t the case! We can’t have perfect light all the time!  Sometimes, you just go with the flow and rock out!


These two sisters were one of my firsts of the day and for a 15 minute session, I think they came out great! What do you say?



Beautiful sisters!! Gah!


One of my things I love to capture is movement in my images.  I honestly believe it tells a story!


That light is pretty amazing. Isn’t it?


Look at that smile!!! What a cutie!


headpieces and dresses are also provided by me too!


Sisters together:) 


I LOVE South Jersey!!!


Strike a pose ladies!!! 


Nothing says sisters then a little ring around the rosie action!

I have done other sessions since then at this location and can’t wait to go back! Especially, this fall!!! EEk! The colors are probably going to be amazing with all that fall foliage!  I tried to emulate those colors here!!!

Stay tuned!!! Can’t wait!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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