Another goodie has arrived!

Another goodie has arrived!

Hey there!

I am loving seeing this weather changing.. the leaves turning and it getting darker… aren’t you? As my 5 year old started his “big boy” school this year, it’s been an adjustment (although he was in preschool a few days a week previously.)  However, new school year gets me craving for the fall months!!!

Boy am I excited for some of the new goodies I have just purchased and will be premiering them to you here.

Eek! With these guys… I love when new items come in! I pretty much have new arrivals delivered daily, but hey… why not? It’s definitely one of the perks of this job and why I love it so much!!! I LOVE stylized sessions. A big part of me loves neutral colors because they bring out one’s features, there are less color casts that I have to mess around with in post and they photograph beautifully!

Here’s a dress I purchased in size 2 and size 8!  It’s gray and has a boho vibe to it! I love the little tassel touch and the groovy gray color. Yep, I’m all about the boho/groovy lately!


Look at this pretty! And the detail! This could be paired with a sweater and leggings.. some cute chunky boots as we go into the fall season!!!


The dress further away! Can’t wait to use this for sessions! I love the simple, groovy vibe of it!


Photo IS NOT MINE.. However, it shows it in use for a session!  This photo is courtesy of the vendor who sold it in which it was purchased off of Etsy!


Cuteness! Can’t wait to bust this out!  Again, have purchased in two sizes.. Think of a cute sister’s session! Some of these dresses are pretty flexible when it comes to sizing!

I will feature more goodies coming your way! I have also purchased some new floor length ball gowns in numerous colors that I’m sure folks will be happy to wear!  I also have received a few adult gowns in recently! I will post here shortly!  I’m getting giddy for fall!!!  Can’t wait! It’s my favorite time of year! Favorite sunlight, favorite colors.. and love the vibrancy this season brings!

Stay tuned as I am doing a giveaway on our facebook page for a fall session. If you aren’t following or liking… you should do so now! Winner will be chosen shortly!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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