New Pretties Arrived Today!

New Pretties Arrived Today!

Fall has been INSANITY.  It pretty much is for every photographer… but I have been exhausted and have been traveling all over the country the past month and throughout this current fall season..  it’s about to get even nuttier around here, but I’m a rockstar and and I will rock out this season!!! It’s okay, as of this past weekend, no more traveling for awhile! So.. this means I get to stay in good Ol’ South Jersey for a bit… well, until late November.. but will be HOME!!! Sessions excite me.. I truly do enjoy working with families and people!


It’s going to be a great fall foliage season! The leaves are already changing and the weather has been staying pretty mild!

Anywho!   I received 4 new dresses in today… The first two, I will showcase.. They are from the lovely DOLLCAKE company located in Australia and I have collected probably about 20 or more of their dresses this past year. I love them.. The reason WHY… Well, they are very, very, durable from kiddo’s abuse.  I mean they are kids.. they’re suppose to have fun.. get messy right? It is a part of this job and it happens, but these make me swoon everytime a kid wears them!


First video is this dress here! These photos are courtesy of Dollcake and are not representative of my work.. Just need to make that disclaimer:)


Gah! Seriously, isn’t this beautiful??



Here is the back.

I had my daughter model this for me as it came in today.. So please see attached for in person video.. I apologize for the grain.. as I did take it on my iphone, but figured you may like to see it on a REAL LIFE person.. This is a size 4.. It should fit a size 2 1/2- up to about a 4.. possibly a size 5.. Dollcake is a bit tricky with their sizing from time to time.. but it does allow a bit of stretch and the straps can be configured tight or lose with a ton of leeway.


WARNING.. You will hear bribery for lollipops.. in this video.. be forewarned!

[wpvideo ULkAaqS5]


Second Dress.. is this lavender long number.. Also, another gorgeous one.. This I purchased in a size 5. This should fit a bigger 3 year old up to possibly a size 6… Again, lots of leeway and can make adjustments!



Hey South Jersey! Isn’t this purdy??? It is.. Isn’t it?!


A little bit closer look. There is jewel details on the straps, but really can’t see it here. I love the pops of flowers on the tulle though.


Here’s another live view of the dress.. However, not taken with professional equipment so please don’t kill me!

More bribery.. and she’s “all done.”

[wpvideo bT4CFGPq]

I’m very excited for this year! If I had more time… I would be blogging more sessions and getting them up here, but my goal has been to get them out the door for my clients!  However, I am doing sessions in Delaware and Pennsylvania this end of year and am excited! I love new locations and spots! Hey, I love South Jersey, but it’s nice to switch things up from time to time, right?

For those who are signed up to see me this season, I look forward to working with you!!! More goodies coming in too!

Have a great night and happy shooting!



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