New Scheduling Feature for Shooting Star

New Scheduling Feature for Shooting Star

We all know that going back and forth with your photographer in the Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware region, with certain dates to hold your session can be quite daunting.

All the back and forth with emails takes up your valuable time and even the photographer’s (for this time of year… DEFINITELY!)  I wanted to streamline my service offerings and I did try out a scheduling feature in the past.. and had a bad experience with it. It was still very daunting and old school and it even messed up some scheduling with clients.. which is no bueno. Of course, I did reach out and resolved the issue as any business person would do!


Little guy I got to capture in the city. 


I tested out Big Cartel recently and so far am very happy with the results. I am able to make easy changes and it’s a simple process for my clients.. so it’s a win win in my book.. The simple the better for everyone! This service will allow customers to book and reserve their sessions and to see what dates are available. Big game changer for everyone involved.  After retainer is paid, I follow up with client to schedule their time, discuss locations and wardrobe for their session. If you haven’t heard I provide gowns, dresses, some suits for boys etc etc.  It’s a fun little option for my clients.

These are the only dates available for next year as I told folks I was doing about 40 of them for 2017 and that’s it! Enjoy, the simplicity my friends! I’m in love with this new feature!


Here’s a link to check it out! Happy Shooting my friends and have a great day!






New Scheduling Program

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