Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk

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Today’s photo story is this beautiful portrait and young lady! My plan this year, is to post one photo per day on this blog and tell the story behind it!

This was taken in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s a very funky street lined with colorful artist murals.  And.. Yep, I do travel. You’ll often times find me all over the place! I love different and unique locations.

As you noticed in my photography, I love color and I like taking some risks. I am also very picky about hand placement. I MUST ALWAYS see the hands and it’s a big pet peeve of mine. I don’t like missing hands in photos and am very particular in how they are placed. So, I love the hand placement here. I love how she is telling a story. She isn’t just looking at me and the camera. It actually looks like a little girl, possibly waiting for her friends to arrive and go skateboarding.

This shoot was hosted with Lemmonmade Photography and Mila Wells Photography and many other photographers came out for this playdate! Clothing was provided by Neon Kisses and I truly love the urban vibe and colors as it’s a big component of my work! I also love city shoots. The hustle and bustle. The sounds, the colors. Also, I find city light much softer light. As the concrete and light blocking of buildings creates a softer effect and is beautiful on the skin.

This was such a fun day! Worth the traffic to get here! Of course we had to dine at a neat restaurant after our fun time!

Contact me today! If you would like a fun urban shoot! I have many scouted locations in Philadelphia and even South Jersey and Northern Delaware!!!




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