Family is everything

Family is everything

Family Photographer Session in Millville, New Jersey


Family Photographer Session in Millville, New Jersey south jersey photographer

Adorable father and son picture.


Here is another picture of the day! And this is FAMILY.  Family photos are extremely important to capture together.  Kids grow up so fast.  As adults, we age.. and it’s great to look back on these moments… especially 20 years from now.  One thing that is important to me in being a family photographer, is I go in with a plan for each session. A typical family session goes like this..

We start with family first (this is generally when we’ll get the best attention out of little kiddos).  That way the formals are done and out of the way. Then I like to start with mom and kids, dad and kids, then the kids, individuals of the kids and then usually end it with a nice photo of mom and dad together. It gives a nice variety to a family album. If enough time, I generally like to get the kids playing or doing something in the moment.

My goal is to give a nice variety to my clients and I always go in with a game plan and we work from there! Family photography is actually one of my favorite “themes” to capture as I find this very important.  These photographs are generally treasured for decades and become treasured heirlooms.

A little about this location. This was taken in the Millville area. The light here is beautiful and I generally love a nice rustic feel to photographs. It adds textures which highlights your subject and gives them an added “pop.”  I am big into warmer colors and the neutral color palate of the scenery makes for pure perfection!


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