Flower Meadow Princess

Flower Meadow Princess

Ah… those days of summer. I honestly can’t wait for them! I cannot stand the cold this time of year. It’s pretty dreadful out there. Isn’t it? I tend to not like shooting in the forest, this time of year, because the leaves are dead. So you will most likely see me shooting in an urban setting… which I love and I want to do more.

Another image of the day!

This image of the day is brought to you by the summer… There is a meadow right down the street from me and it tends to produce a lot of varieties of wildflowers depending on the month.  I adore it.

I dressed this little girl up in a pretty little pink  Anna Triant dress and got her twirling and dancing in the meadow here and I got to capture this sweet little moment! I wanted to keep it light and airy and a little minty and I think I succeeded!!

flower fields south jersey photographers

A little South Jersey girl.

Who doesn’t like flowers right? I can’t wait to go back in the spring when everything is blooming again! Ahh! It’s truly heavenly!  Who doesn’t like flowers? Well, I guess if you are allergic to them..


I truly love South Jersey! I can usually find a neat spot around every corner!  Just like this guy here!

Reach out any time if you have any questions! I am always available!  For locations, dress choices.. I am definitely your girl! We can even meet for coffee and tea and just chat on what you would like to do!


All the best 🙂 and I’ll just keep dreaming of spring and summer’s arrival, okay?)







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