Stylized Prep Sheet

Hi good ol’ shooting star family!   I have pretty much a little bit of everything up here on this website, however, I don’t seem to recall putting up a prep guide for clients as to how to arrive for their session.  I do get questioned, from time to time, in how it works with the stylizing.  I do try and be as cohesive as possible to make the experience fun for my customers and I honestly keep the process very easy and convenient for everyone.


So here it goes!! I have also made a nice little PDF that I will be mailing out to my customers. It’s actually pretty easy, but it’s nice to have available.

A South Jersey Twirl

I provide gowns as a courtesy to customers… IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED TO WEAR THEM. Often times, I get many folks who show up dressed and ready to rock and roll.

If you do wear our gowns…


I send out a questionnaire to all customers, even to special/mini sessions. It helps me to get to know you and your family a little better. I like capturing personality of people and this helps me to get to know my clients.


This questionnaire is also pretty awesome because YOU can tell me what you expect to get out of your session.


I ask for sizes.


I often times can email a client what I am thinking of having their child wearing.  If not the case, I bring a whole truckload of dresses to choose from.




I do recommend a very fresh-faced look. NO makeup, well-moisturized skin. I do suggest lipgloss or chapstick to keep lips moist and from cracking during our session.


In terms of hair, I like long and loose curls. Nothing crazy or dramatic. I honestly love capturing kids for who they really are and I prefer a more natural approach.


I do suggest leggings if it is cold out..  I do provide shawls or furs, but these can be worn under the dresses without a hitch and layers are always key to staying warm.


In terms of shoes, I prefer neutrals.. silver, gold, black, brown, taupe.  They will go with anything.


Also, try and wear neutral undergarments so that you aren’t having any crazy patterns or colors bleed through.


And that’s about it.. Very simple and easy. I provide a wardrobe tent when on location for privacy. It’s convenient and lots of privacy and I will bring headpieces that will coordinate with your dresses.


Honestly, I just want my customers to have a seamless experience from start to finish and pretty much take care of everything. All you need to do is show up!


Hopefully, this was a nice little article for you and I hope to see you soon!


Thanks Again!


Shooting Star Photography