Best of 2016 Video

Best of 2016 Video

Everyone knows I go a bit over the top with everything! I like fancy, crazy and whimsical things and I don’t half-ass anything. I give 110% to everything I do. My work is my blood. I love photography with a passion and enjoy learning new things about this art every single day. This is one expensive “hobby” to get into.. Gear, education, the works… However, I find it rewarding. I find it keeps my on my toes all the time. One day is always different from the next and is why it has held my interest for so long and why I turned this love into a business.


I truly do, live, eat and breathe photography. I am always doing something whether it’s shooting, marketing, taking a class, from morning to the wee hours of the night (and this is suppose to be a part time business).  I’m getting somewhere I promise here…


Last year, was my first full calendar year in business. Many ups and downs and twists and turns.  It’s been a interesting business journey to say the least. The bad outweighs the good and would say very minimal bad occurred or happened and even that I take as a learning lesson to keep improving and doing and giving better.  This 2017 year, is going to be probably my most exciting year.  New locations, new dresses and just a different way of doing business.. and it excites me, as it should excite you.


Below, is my very dramatic “best of” 2016. Thank you for sharing this journey. We’ll be all over the Delaware Valley Region this year. Thank you for allowing me to capture you and your family’s memories.


I hope you enjoy and I hope to see you soon!!!


[wpvideo tiVJkQOy]



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