Philadelphia… My Love.. My Heart

Philadelphia… My Love.. My Heart

I truly think it takes a bit of time in your life, to truly appreciate the little things in life. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in other areas of the region and travel the world.  With folks I meet on these travels.. They like to ask where I am from and I say proudly, “South Jersey.”  And then I get the oh.. you live in New JOISEY.. and have to kindly correct them that it’s not like that at all.  Often times, I’ll skip the Jersey and say, “Suburbs of Philly.”

Oh.. I’ve been there. Dirty city. Ugly city. Unfriendly city.  I’ll often times mention a few beauties like Longwood Gardens, Morris Arboretum, the Philadelphia Art Museum.. Rittenhouse Square… a lot did not visit nor see.

Philadelphia photo session broad street


Broad Street Philadelphia photo shoot


Philadelphia Photo Session feather dress

For me, I like the hustle and bustle and some of the grit I find appealing.  I love Philly. I love how it has transitioned over the years to a culinary mecca.  With world class chefs setting up shop and little neighborhoods popping up like Old City and Fishtown is transitioning.. to even Pasayunk.. becoming a great place to dine al fresco and go shopping in South Jersey. Right down to Reading Terminal Market and our beautiful 30th street station.  I love the graffiti art walking tours and the robust history of this little gem of a town.  I like being able to walk a city block and have a smorgasbord to use as my background disposal and for my beautiful clients!!  Especially, downtown Philly. I love the architecture.

philadelphia photo shoot broad street center city


I’m proud to say I live here and it took a long time to realize the little gems around me and even in South Jersey!


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