Beach Photography

Beach Photography

Our photographs truly shine when it comes to beach photography. It’s one of the many types of sessions that I take the utmost pride in.  I LOVE the Jersey shore and the Delaware Bay sunsets.  It’s truly the best time to be in New Jersey and the Jersey shore during the summer months.  Especially, during the week, as it’s not too busy.

It’s no wonder that folks come from all over the East Coast to enjoy a beautiful beach vacation in our backyard.


Jersey Shore beach photography.

This year, Ellie Belly Photography (out of Lancaster, PA) and I are teaming up to do mermaid sessions. These sessions are sold out.  We are doing two dates together and am very excited to be working with her as she’s not only a great friend, but an even more excellent artist.


All of our beach sessions are sold out this year.  I am very excited to do these and to offer some top of the line clothing pieces for these sessions.  I can’t wait to post and show you what we will be creating. I love the pastel colors of the beach and that beautiful twilight/sunset light of the summer.


All sessions are sold out until September of this year. If you would like to book a fall session, I would suggest in reserving your date now. I believe there are only 8 dates left to choose from for this fall.


Thank you for allowing me to photograph you and your family and looking forward to many sessions on the upcoming horizon!  It’s going to be a fun year!!!





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