It’s been a busy year!

It’s been a busy year!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a few months since I even updated this blog here. It has been SUPER DUPER LOOPER BUSY.  That’s why. We’re having so much fun this year! Lots of great new locations, some new and old faces.. lots of neat themes, dresses the whole nine! We’re now heading into our beach season.  Beach is one of my favorite things to capture and am fortunate to live by a beach that is 20 minutes from my own house!  We’re also doing some mermaid sessions this year and have teamed up with a local photographer out of Lancaster, Pa. Elliebelly Photographer. (CHECK HER OUT) She is plain amazing and am fortunate enough to call her one of my best buddies!!


How beautiful is this family!!!! We went PHILLY style!

Family Session in Philadelphia!

Another of my favorites from this session.. wearing an Anna Triant couture dress!!


So pretty in the snow! Wearing Anna Triant Couture!!!


As the season progresses, we head into doing more family-type more portraits.  I figured I would start off with this sweet little family that I was fortunate enough to photograph back in December.  Yep, that’s how far I am behind in getting sessions up on here!  I love capturing the essence and personality of families and all members! We usually have a great time! Although this one was tough. I believe it was under 20 degrees out, haha. You wouldn’t really know it by the look of how they are posing, but trust me there were shivers galore going on here!

We set off  to our journey… in City of Brotherly LOVE, in Philly and it was probably one of the COLDEST sessions to date.  This is an awesome street around Christmas season (generally, after Thanksgiving) as there are Christmas lights everywhere and I mean everywhere. However, it was so cold we kind of made this a VERY VERY VERY quick session as our plan was to stay near sunset/dusk when they came on.  The kids shown here,  I have to say… were tremendous troopers as they were photographed without their jackets off.  My very own assistant got frost bite from this day and had to sit out of this session.  Me… PFFFFT I laugh at the cold and hot temperatures. I love photography so much that I could do this every hour of every day!!!


Excited for our upcoming Hippy Van/Ice Cream Shoot, Peonies , Mermaid and Beach sessions in South Jersey!  All have been sold out!  It’s going to be an AWESOME Summer! Thanks again for stopping by and talk to you later!!!! Hopefully, it won’t be another two months to get a blog up on here!


PS. I’m more excited on my newest beach spot and will show on an upcoming blog… no more crazy shore traffic! I get to enjoy a quiet country ride to the beach!!!









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