I know it’s silly because it’s only JUNE.. but it’s time to book your fall session!

I know it’s silly because it’s only JUNE.. but it’s time to book your fall session!

Hi there! It has been an extremely busy year!  As you may have noticed… there haven’t been many blog postings… but that is A-OK! It just means we are busy. I mean we are SUPER DUPER BUSY.  Most of the time, we are out and about or working on galleries. We definitely need to update our portfolio and this website here!!!  We’ll get there. Normally, around the winter months is when things die down a little bit for us to get cracking. Our customers come first!


Fall in South Jersey! Brother and Sister Shoot!


I know that it is only Summer, but NOW is the time you want to book for fall and Christmas Sessions. We have about 8 sessions left for the entire year. This is the month we usually book full and out for the entire year.

A few things on the upcoming horizon with Shooting Star Photography.


Mermaid Sessions- Sold out

Beach Mini’s- Sold out

Unicorn Fall Mini’s- Yet to Launch.  There will be two dates


I have now hired an assistant to help with emails, bookings and correspondence.


Next year, we will have tulip sessions, cherry blossoms and peonies. Right now, it’s around peak time for wildflower sessions and we’ll be shooting there the next upcoming 2 weeks.

I will leave this here as one of my last fall sessions last year. It was a fabulous sister and brother shoot!!!


This guys tux is on point!!! Loved this shoot!

To catch a leaf!!

This place is my absolute FAVORITE Places to shoot in South Jersey. The “beachy” sand acts as a natural reflector. The color of RED on the trees are like shining rubies. There is the forest area that absolutely shines and then an open field and/or lake to where we can mix up our sessions. It’s a bit of EVERYTHING and is why I love it during the fall!!!


As you can see, this was a fabulous session!! I get to see these guys again this year and cannot wait!! This year, we’ll be traveling to all parts of the Delaware Valley Region. Philadelphia, the suburbs of Philadelphia, Delaware and Central Jersey for fall photos. We cannot wait!


Happy Shooting my friends! I have now developed a shooting location list to give you the best of what the Philly area has to offer!!! Some fabulous locations with no one around to bother us!  This is our second year and we are so excited for what is to come! As always, we offer a beautiful selection of gowns and dresses for kids up to adults as a courtesy to our clients and to give you the BEST out of your session!


Have a great day!!!



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