When I was contacted by these two dapper gentlemen, I couldn’t refuse!  I don’t do engagement photography anymore, but I knew this would be something fun and special.  I wanted to capture the fun, the excitement and the love these two had for each other! I got to know a little about themselves prior to the shoot and their energy is something I really wanted to capture.

We set out for Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia on a brisk Saturday morning.  A permit is required, however… it really is a lovely setting for photography… despite its past usage. The colors and the light make this place come alive.


As we were there, a surprise engagement ensued. As you can see the shock on his face! Absolutely adorable! The whole room was shedding a tear!


Will you marry me?

He even got down on his knee!!!

Checking out the ring!


We then set off to finalize our engagement shoot! And boy did we have flipping blast!!!


I adore this tender moment!

Sweetness in the cell!

Seriously adorable! I LOVE these green doors, too!

Laughter is a requirement during our sessions!!

A loving gaze!

These guys were naturals for the camera!!!

Sweet kisses in an AWESOME setting!

Having a little fun!!! Love it!

One of the last shots of the day!

I really want to thank these guys for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments for them! I know they will be living happily ever after!!!


If you would like to book a specialized engagement session with me, I would love to do so!


Thank you Eastern State Penitentiary for your services and your time in making this a special day!  I plan on offering a unique shoot here this upcoming winter!


Happy Shooting!





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