Upcoming Unicorn Sessions! South Jersey Photographer

Upcoming Unicorn Sessions! South Jersey Photographer

South Jersey Photographer- Unicorn Sessions

South Jersey Photographer Unicorn Sessions

From our first magical unicorn session experience!

As we get into the cooler weather, here in South Jersey, we have some exciting sessions coming up! We’re giddy with excitement! The first one that is up is UNICORNS. That’s right. In two weeks, our once again, 3rd time sell out of unicorn sessions will take place. Many girls and boys will gather for this beautiful fall-inspired.. yet pastel theme. Our unique “unicorn” will have her own unique look as well. New horn, beautiful floral halo. Etc. Etc. Etc. New flowers. New pretty much everything for this shoot. I think it’s going to be gorgeous with the already changing leaves outside. As this will be another dreamy magical forest location!

We’re excited to hold these and can’t wait to do these next year! I have also purchased unicorn inspired gowns to go along with this September’s theme!


Stay tuned as we post more information as Fall comes along! It’s going to be a rocking end of year! No one does it better in South Jersey as we truly do make it a distinctive session for every boy and girl and with every single session we do. We give 100% from start to finish. We do this because we really do love what we do. To me sessions are all about bringing magic to a child’s eyes and making each and every child feel special!


If you would like to get on next spring’s list for the magical unicorn experience, feel free to reach out!


Happy Shooting, my friends!




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