BEFORE AND AFTER EDITING PROCESS – Southern New Jersey Photographer

BEFORE AND AFTER EDITING PROCESS – Southern New Jersey Photographer

Before and After Editing Process- behind the scenes.

Every year, we generally use my friend’s peony field in Gloucester County, NJ. Most folks ask… what is a peony?  A peony flower resembles huge rose flowers… They bloom for maybe two weeks tops and they are extremely fragrant. Peak time is generally at height around Memorial Day weekend. There’s a few farms in the area. Our Outer Coastal plan in New Jersey allows great growing conditions of plants and vegetables and is why it is called the Garden State.

However, this past year with the weird warmup we had in the winter.. Bloom times were heavily affected. We had to cancel our annual peony farm sessions this year. A lot of bloom times were affected. Peach crops were apparently going to also be affected another year in a row. It was a strange spring. I hope that 2018’s spring will be much different.

I wanted to show a little bit of what we do behind the scenes on the editing process. We don’t just take a photo and hand it over to you. We lovingly go over every single image to make it truly shine. This is why we take the time we do, to have them back to you. I am at home working most nights until 3 am to 4 am in the morning.  Our schedule is very busy and this part time business, has turned into almost a 24/7 operation.

I have trained under some of the best of the industry to give my clients the very best. I believe in education and that is key at all times to continue to grow, learn and provide the best for customers. I am constantly learning new things.


In regards to the peony sessions, I rarely show my before and afters… but wanted to show you what things look out of camera and what your final product may be. Some of our specialty sessions, like our unicorn sessions.. tend to be even more work. I don’t believe in changing children’s faces or features. I have seen this done many times in our industry. Everything, tends to get “cooked to death” as I like to say or completely Photoshopped to death. My goal is just enhancement. EVERYTHING is edited by hand.


Southern New Jersey portrait photographer, family photographer in new jerseyPeony field. Southern New Jersey. Before and after editing process.Top left is out of camera. It was actually overcast and raining during this session. Full image is the final edited product in which my clients received. I would say not my BEST WORK. However, it still goes to show the in depth process of what we do.

I want my clients to look back on their photos (years from now) and see art and beauty, but see their children and themselves as they truly are. I don’t like to lose skin texture or affect features. This is why we take the time we do to make sure each and every photograph that you choose in the editing process.. looks like a superstar, but not overly processed.  We also stylized this shoot. The color white and vintage ALWAYS looks beautiful virtually anywhere. It reflects timelessness. Most likely, you won’t look back at this image in 5 years and say it is out of style or clothing choices.. what was I thinking? This image was taken two years ago and still just as beautiful today!


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