Unicorn Sessions-Photography is EASY.

Unicorn Sessions-Photography is EASY.

Unicorn magical sessions in south Jersey


Photography is simple everyone can do it.

I am going to explain to you in rich and lavish detail.. It is not. In fact, it’s been one of my hardest jobs of my life. It’s time to get a little personal and about business here! 🙂

First off, I got into photography while running a travel blog many moons ago. I worked in corporate America previously. You can google me if you want, you’ll see me pop up in a few news articles and probably see the books have written. Bleh bleh bleh.. right? I am boring you. Hold on! 

I LOVED taking photos. Didn’t know much about light and would just snap this, that, and the air. It honestly didn’t matter. I didn’t edit them either. I just loved it. For me, it was the thrill of exploring that particular place or landscape and taking a picture as a token that I’ve been there. 

Well… out plops my son and then my daughter. At this point, I decided to flip tables, change things up a bit and to photograph them. These important moments because they change SO FAST were important for me to capture. So like many photographers, I got into portrait photography because of them. 


Magical unicorn sessions in Southern NJ family photographer south jersey

Magical Unicorn photography sessions!


Again… easy peasy, right? Hold your horses, will ya?

I started taking photos and learning my camera settings. Learning about light. Lots of trial and error. Friends saw these photographs and wanted their pictures done. Now, at this time… I thought I was dabomb.com. I wasn’t. I was terrible. I’m now doing some of my friend’s photographs and thinking hmmm.. this is easy maybe I should start a business…. 

And I did. Decided to incorporate my business in February of 2015. At this time, I STILL thought I was awesome. 

There were no clients. It was crickets. I’m like oh $45 is too expensive… let me lower them to $35 and give a ton of images. I continued to blog and at this point is when things got busy for me. I was taking workshops and learning online. I was building my lens collection. My work was starting to get noticed. 

Then things got super busy. So by end of fall season.. I am practically ripping my hair out. $100 sessions (yep, raised them from those whopping $35 sessions) and I am spending 2 hours on one photograph editing. A total waste of time and resources. Time away from my own kiddos she family. It was awful. At this time, I continued to book like crazy and am virtually winging it and going day by day.

So tax time comes around… and this was my ah ha moment. Seeing how much money owed and realizing I wasn’t charging enough to even make minimum wage and that I technically wasted so much of my time for PENNIES. I was seriously working for PENNIES and this was the second year. The numbers don’t lie. 


The first year, was even worse I was basically paying myself to work. I put the family virtually in debt because always wanted the latest and greatest shiniest things. You eventually realize you don’t need those things. 


Magical photography sessions Magical unicorn sessions in Southern NJ family photographer south jersey

Our many unicorn offerings that we schedule throughout the year!


So come 2017… those few years have learned and learned well. I had to make a decision to either start making a profit… or I need to quit. 

What I am trying to say is this. There are so many folks that end up burned out in this business. They have no real plan. They love what they do, but they often lack on the business side. They have no business plan m or marketing set in motion. They lack motivation because it can be a frustrating and very confusing start. 

Now, one thing with myself. I am a go getter. I always had a plan. My plan wasn’t enough when I started.  I was super busy and was afraid to raise my pricing to where I should be priced at with my talent and worth. 

I made it a point to offer a full session experience this year. Offering high end custom made gowns for my company.

We also tackled on limited series sessions. Such as unicorns, mermaids and princess castle sessions. Because I was so busy…. I ended up hiring my mom to come onboard full time to be my assistant. I love working with my mom. Not many daughters can say this and I’m sure would love the opportunity to work with your own mom.

I noticed office work starting slugging behind. When that happens, customer service starts to slip… so have had to hire an office manager to keep things running smoothly, so that we can provide our customers with the service they expect and honestly the best. We don’t like offering anything less than the best…as  We are completely full service. 

So… for now and going forward we have a concrete plan. I have a team at my disposal to insure I give my clients the best and they are your team, too. We have your back. 

This is not an easy job, I work 24/7 at every waking hour to make my business better. No one told me going into this, that I would spend most of my time on the business end and not shooting/editing. A huge misconception most photographers have getting into this. 

What I am saying is if you want a well-organized and run photography business. That will WOW you from beginning to end in the Philly area.. you’ve found it. We’re right here. We’re not going anywhere. We’ve only just started! 

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