Beach sessions in New Jersey!

Beach sessions in New Jersey!

Jersey Shore Beach Photographer


I LOVE the beach and would say this is the type of photography I thrive in. I believe my work stands out from the rest in regards to beach photography.  I have scoured beaches from Central Jersey down to the shores of Cape May.. to the Delaware Bay to offer my clients the BEST and most private beach locations in the industry and area. It’s the work that I tend to get known for and win awards for. The pastel colors and skies… the light.. I am quite particular when it comes to my work and the lighting situations that I like to use for my clients.  I am all about giving my best so that my customers have photographs that they will cherish for decades to come.


South Jersey beach princess.


There’s something quite special about beach photography. Maybe it’s the wind.. the waves.. the calmness.. the light. Most folks, seem to be transformed and more relaxed for these types of sessions. Perhaps, it’s the feet dipping into the soft Jersey sand. It’s odd that we have different colored sand from beautiful white and soft.. to more tan or river mud in the area, depending on the ecology and area of New Jersey.


I love coordinating colors that will just pop at the beach. I love color and you’ll see this a lot in the work I provide. Most photographers, tend to blow out their highlights because they aren’t too familiar with beach photography or their lighting. You’ll see flash being used at midday. For me, that’s unacceptable. I understand that flash is used to help balance out the harsh shadows from the sun of the beach and understand WHY sometimes it is used. Maybe for certain nap times for the little ones and the reason why needs to be taken at this time… but for me lighting is important. I want soft beautiful light and there’s a method to my madness. In regards to the locations I use and my lighting choices.


As you see this is a cloudy day. Cloudy days at the beach ensure soft even light and beautiful colors. It’s the only time I like shooting in cloudy conditions.


jersey shore beach photographer

Taken at one of my select locations in Wildwood. Look at the golden light on their faces framing the children.


jersey shore beach photographer

As you can see in this photograph, the location was chosen for the lighting. Still a beach, but in a beautiful Jersey and rustic beach setting. Look at the golden light showcased from the particles of sand.. to their hair. Light is of upmost importance to me when it comes to my sessions. You will see this in my work from beginning to end and every location I choose.


jersey shore beach photographer family photographer beach nj

This photograph was taken on bayside. Notice the sunlight of sunset on her face. The waves are much more smooth. However, still get that beautiful soft/even light that am known for and pastel colors.


Here is a showcasing collage of my beach photography. Notice the light in these. How beautiful and soft it is. Locations are everywhere from bayside on the Delaware to beach side from Atlantic City down to Cape May.

If you would like to book your Southern Jersey beach session for 2018, I recommend so shortly! We only offer a limited amount of beach sessions per year and they are sold out every time!

I would love to capture these beautiful moments for you!




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