Communion Sessions

Communion Sessions

Communion Sessions in South Jersey

It’s that time of year when you start to think ahead! I have had the honor of doing a few communion sessions since I started this journey! I love showcasing this pivotal and important time in a young lady’s or young man’s life! It’s a passage of life for most families that has been around for generations. Last spring, I had the opportunity to photograph this little girl. It was a cold day! However, we managed. Believe it or not, we did this in the garden courtyard of the Mary Shoemaker School in Woodstown, NJ.


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Celebrating this special communion in Woodstown!



And the session continues on…

There’s a lovely courtyard garden that gets pretty kept up on the grounds with beautiful blooming tulips and daffodils come spring. As you can see, the light was magnificent this day. It’s what I am all about! YUMMY DELICIOUS LIGHT.


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What a princess!!!


This little lady was freezing cold, but she persevered! Woodstown has some great location options. Everything from rustic to cute little gardens, to the beautiful downtown area. I truly love where I live and I have lived all over South Jersey (even in PA). I find the folks my way to be extremely kind! It’s the best place I have ever lived!


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Picking tulips in the tulip patch.


After our little garden patch photos, we then headed down to the Woodstown High School area as there is a nice rustic field with gorgeous light that resides near the stream. I need to shoot here more as it is even within walking distance of my own house! I love utilizing places that are near and dear to me.


This photo was taken in the field near the Woodstown High School. I love its rustic charm and yummy light!


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Last share from this session. I LOVE dreamy images and is what I am known for! I also love anything flower related. You’ll see more of this in 2018.


For myself, I believe full sessions allow me to get to know my subjects. I believe they tend to go more smoothly as there is time to warm up. Believing in magical things are what I want my clients to see in the end product. My photographs are magical. I like to see the world this way.



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