Check out what we have in store this winter!

Check out what we have in store this winter!

Unicorn Sessions in South Jersey!

Even though you tend to see similar themes in the industry, I try to make those themes unique and my own. It’s the distinctive style that folks hire me for. It’s something I have strived and worked on and with only 2 years in this business (Yep, incorporated in February 2015), I still have a lot of growing pains to work out. For example, overbooking, charging not my worth with the quality I continue to push out. I purchase these high end designer gowns in the $500-$700 range and then charged $250 a session with all digitals. This will wear anyone out.. but this is also the story of anyone new in this industry. Who hasn’t figured things out and needs to make adjustments as you move forward… to just be overall BETTER.

This July we are doing Magical Unicorn Sessions.. in a Winterland theme. Lots of winter greens will be used. Winter capes, furs, the whole nines. Today, after a few issues in getting the correct converter for the output of our heavy duty snow machine, we finally put things through the ringer and everything is working as planned. So for our upcoming unicorn sessions, we will have snow. REAL SNOW. Not a snow overlay. We want folks to have a magical experience whenever we come to us and we feel this will be an added benefit.



Here’s a video of the snow machine hooked up to our vehicle for our test run… It was a success! We can’t wait to use it for upcoming sessions!



unicorn session south jersey

We think the snow will be an added benefit to our upcoming winter sessions!


Another thing I wanted to stretch on…

With Facebook’s new algorithm of changes that occurred last month, it’s more and more important as not just photographers, but overall small business owners to keep their websites up to date with the most current information. Facebook has made it harder and harder for you to reach your audience because they want you to PAY to be seen.

This is where blogging comes into play. You should be updating on current work, projects, or happenings. Most say people don’t read this stuff, but they do. This is important and vital. I receive a about 30% of my business via web searches. Facebook was the majority last year, however with recent changes, it’s become fewer in between. The reach is abysmal especially when launching specials, mini sessions, or honestly anything across the board these days. This is a dawn of a new age and it’s time to start thinking smarter not harder.  You can’t continue on doing the same things if you aren’t getting anywhere.

It’s a new way and era and if you think Instagram may be the answer.. it isn’t. They are also making changes. What you need to focus on is in person meetings and encounters, trade shows, word of mouth (which is HUGE,  this is where a majority of my business comes from) or via different marketing means.. like Sue Bryce’s voucher program.

One thing with me is consistency. Consistency is key. RARELY and I say this wholeheartedly.. Rarely do I have a bad session and not like the results. This is how picky I have become though.. in regards to shooting times, locations, outfits.. It’s something you learn and keep learning to bust out the best results for your clients.

It’s been a CRAZY year.. with mini sessions and full sessions, we’ve done about 550 sessions. Which is a tremendous volume especially for an outdoor photographer and whose months are March to November as their busy season.

As it starts to get slower, these next few months I am going to happily share more of this gorgeous sessions. It’s been a pure joy to be the best of South Jersey. Okay, maybe not the BEST, however we feel our work is different and doesn’t look like every photographer out there in the area. It seems everyone is doing the same things. Why be mundane when you can have something different and marvelous. We are all about elegance, light and true emotive captures. We’ve worked hard to separate ourselves and hope this shows in our work. We love every family that comes our way and have worked with the same families… often times 5/6 times per year.


If you would like the last spot in this winter wonderland unicorn session or more information, you can find this here! Hope to see you here!

Unicorn Session Information

Remember we travel the entire Delaware Valley region.. all of South Jersey (Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Pitman, Jersey Shore, Cape May, Vineland, Moorestown, Marlton, Medford… Philadelphia suburbs mainline Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, and up to Bucks county (north) and as far west as Lancaster, Northern Delaware, Parts of Central NJ (for example Princeton area), and northern Maryland. Let us create something magical for you!  We’re in for a huge 2018!

Happy Shooting, my friends!




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