Storytelling Through Photography- Personal Family Photography

Storytelling Through Photography- Personal Family Photography

You are storytelling in this work-Family Photographer in South Jersey


You have one story and then something happens and it changes you.. your perspective and I believe this is where I am now. My perspective has changed recently. 

 This is the stage where you start to have an understanding and become a master of some sort of training of your eye.  Now, finally telling my story, my eye and the story of the subjects that I am capturing… THE STORY through the photographs we create. 

I urge anyone in photography to be involved in groups when you start out a bit. What I mean by groups, is Facebook groups catered to professionals/amateurs. Use this valuable info in these groups to hone the technical basics. 

Train your eye… but am suggesting to stop there. Take a Damien’s class. This will get you started in Photoshop and learning your way around. Watch YouTube videos. You’ll find there are 5 ways to do something in Photoshop to get the same result, but learn interesting methods to get yourself there. 

Find photographers to follow and love

Then list 5 photographers of completely different styles.  Maybe one does family who is up close and personal on their photographs, one does couture, one has mastered lighting (which this is the realm I’m wanting to learn more of myself), one is photo journalistic and maybe one does weddings, but they kill it.. they are consistent and kill it across the board. This is who you need to follow. 

These are the folks you can be inspired by. 

I finally consider myself an artist. It took me two years to say this. 

 I think this past year (year 2 in business) has been an eye opener for me. I started out this 2017 year going in the direction I thought I wanted to get into, but I see so many others doing the same things these days and… it’s just time to just do me. I don’t need fancy dresses or a fancy wardrobe to attain a great image. I feel I have a well understanding of light to get an image I seek out to achieve. 

Part of my day in the life storytelling of my own family and kids. Grandma came over for a visit for a little bit too. A typical lazy day Saturday. Messy, Raw, Real LIFE. MY family’s story.



Try new things and push yourself

 I feel the need to push myself out of my own barrier now. I want to be on my toes and feel like I lost that a bit this year. I lost the will to challenge myself. Don’t get me wrong… I did… challenge myself, but I need to delve even farther and deeper. 

I got BORED. Boredom kills spontaneity and anything organic that can arise from and work will become monotonous. I took too much on this last year with clients, not allowing time for my creative self to learn and flourish. 

Well, times are a changing and now going forward, will be making that time and taking less client work on.  I will be doing more projects to feed my creative soul and I cannot wait. It’s full steam ahead. I’m not looking back and am excited to see what lies ahead. 

southern new jersey family photographer

Storytelling of my little girl near a window in my house.

One thing of advice I can give to folks starting out in this business … never stop being you, DO NOT undercharge/undervalue yourself, never stop learning…. and most importantly…. you’re going to learn to say no a lot. It’s hard to say no… because starting out, you are so eager to build your business, or to get any business at all. You’re hungry to just shoot. 

It’s okay to say NO.

I said no to clients a lot…  this last year I’d have requests for events, parties, weddings, cake smashes… but my heart was just never into them. Even though I did do these ^ because wanted to test the waters and see if I would like them. I know now that I don’t like them.. because I at least tried them. So don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. Once getting your feet wet, decide on where you wish to go and what you LOVE and take it from there. This is where you’ll find your mojo, in the heat of battle trying new things. 

But most importantly don’t be afraid to say no and if it’s a session you don’t wish and you dislike, that’s okay. It’s okay to say no, if your heart is not into it.  No one is holding a gun to your head. Always trust your gut. I promise you this, once you start doing what you love, the world soon becomes your oyster. You start attracting the clients you always wanted and dreamed of because that passion shines through in your work and then the magic starts to unfold. It has unfolded for me and my passion for what I do remains strong. 

I value myself, my clients and the work I put out there in the universe. I want always my best forward and out there.


If you read this far^ I give you a standing ovation.  Kudos and bravo to you. I need to log off. More editing to do 🙂 but seriously read what I wrote above, if you are feeling a little lost as a photographer this winter season. 

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