New Year.. New Things!

New Year.. New Things!

Happy 2018! Boy, was 2017 a crazy year… However, I am bored… so it’s time to start challenging myself and doing NEW things and we are doing just that!


Here will be our offerings this year!!!


We just upgraded to top of the line equipment, so better resolution and better image quality as we go forward! This is the camera of the year and so many praises on how beautiful images are. We are so excited to give the BEST to our customers!


  • We will be offering studio sessions.. as we just upgraded this as well! Where we may even come to you,  in your own home!  Our goal for these are classic portraiture with a semi artistic twist.
  • Race Track sessions, for boys and girls! With a vintage race car!
  • Safari sessions where we will have zebras, wallabies, llamas and possibly a monkey..
  • Creek sessions on our beautiful property with a boat!
  • Cherry blossoms.. where we have teamed up with a designer! All custom dresses provided. Never worn or seen before!
  • These will be held two different months^
  • Mommy and me special sessions with hair and makeup provided!
  • Tulip Sessions
  • Peony sessions
  • Greenhouse sessions
  • Vintage Mini Pony sessions
  • Wild Rudbeckia sessions
  • Wildflower sessions
  • Engagement sessions (we are starting to do these again!)
  • Vintage Farm sessions- where children will get to interact with animals.
  • Longwood Garden Sessions and will be held all year round (heaven on earth)
  • Rooftop garden sessions
  • Central Park Sessions! In the fall!
  • We purchased this today!!! We’re already gearing up for Spring!


Can’t wait to put this to use in some of our locations!!!



BETTER TURNAROUNDS- we will be at 2 weeks and have hired and trained a retoucher! Plus an office assistant!

New locations. From Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania to Central Jersey… as well as our usual Philly and Southern New Jersey locations.

Most of these sessions will be run a little differently this year and only two sessions per day (our usual can be 8-20 people per day). Except for mommy and me (where we are renting a studio in Philly).

We will also be offering.. Photography classes as we’ve had requests. These will be basic classes in order to learn how to go manual with your camera and learn to read about light.

Next year, our theme is more timeless/vintage. We want you to enjoy your images for years to come!

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2017. Our 2018 is going to be incredible and will be our 3rd year in business!

Happy New Year!!!


This year is going to rock!! We’re very excited!


Hope to see you in 2018!!!




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