Creative Family Portraits

Creative Family Portraits

Creative Family Portraits in South Jersey!


Creative Family portraits… l live for!!! What can I say I LOVE this family and I enjoy taking them to one of my go to spots.  It’s practically in my own backyard in Southern NJ.  As I tend to just about travel, EVERYWHERE.   It was time for another round of portraits for these three amigos.. aka brother and sisters… so we decided to capture the lovely fall foliage… that New Jersey has to offer!




So… we decided on the lovely Daretown Lake located in Salem County, NJ. I LOVE Daretown Lake. I feel like it offers a bunch of different types of scenery in a very small space.


  • There’s a Lake… It’s gorgeous.. it’s clean.

  • There’s an old mill. There are not many left around according to NJ historians on the saw mills in the area. The nearest one I am aware of is at Kirby’s Mill in Medford.

  • There’s a beautiful forest trail.. I find it gorgeous all time of year even in the spring.. and I hate spring greens. It will be the death of me those greens!

  • There’s a great little gate to where you sometimes can catch cattle grazing on the hillside. The light at the end of the day is truly magnificent in this spot.

  • There’s an old barn. It has been recently renovated and looks great in the background of a lot of shots. Light gets a bit tricky as it can be harsh.. but at just the right angle it can shine!

I came upon this location when I was living in Camden County and doing research for my Salem County book. I fell in love with the people of Salem County and the area. I wanted to move here… so we were expecting another little munchkin and decided to set up familial roots in Woodstown. If you have never been, I urge you to check out it’s little historic charm. I could not be happier anywhere else and the peace and quiet truly sucks you in!


When I was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer not to long ago, I took the reporter on a tour of the country here and to Daretown Lake.. This area is the part of New Jersey that I absolutely adore.




awesome photoshoot in Daretown Lake NJ creative family photos photographers in south jersey

The bossman of Gloucester County NJ


Elmer NJ awesome location for photo shoot!

The three amigos again with their creative family photo session


creative photo session in NJ, Elmer Lake

Creative family session in south jersey.. We are the best!!!



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A little girl holding an autumnal leaf in New Jersey.


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The most beautiful little girls in the world!


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Channeling that hippy vibe.. Love family style/sibling sessions!


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Having a wonderful peace, love and fun.. in the fall!


If you are looking for some creative family portraits of your family.. Count me in! You won’t be disappointed. I like to impress!


Happy Shooting, my friends!




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