Whimsical-Sessions with Shooting Star Photography

Whimsical-Sessions with Shooting Star Photography

Whimsical Sessions with Shooting Star Photography

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We love creating magic with our whimsical sessions! I love making magic for our Southern New jersey Families! We are light seekers and light stalkers.. always providing THE BEST for our customers. It’s what sets us apart from the rest in the Philadelphia area.

Fine Art Sessions

As you see with the above session.. we allow our subjects to be relaxed and showcase their true beauty. Part of our signature work and style, is getting natural expressions out of our clients. If looking for cheesy smiles, we may not be the best fit for  you. Whether it’s fairy sessions, unicorn, princess, city, forest… we like to make it truly magical for our clients. EVERy single photograph we put out the door is genuinely special and different.


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Magical fairy session in South Jersey. Best photographer in South Jersey!


We truly love fairy sessions. We love the magic it brings. South Jersey plays the perfect backdrop for these types of sessions. I am excited for also bringing some magic to boys sessions this year. We want to make them into pirates and vintage creek sessions and we love vintage for boys.


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Another fairy session with Shooting Star Photography that we did in Sewell, NJ. Dress by Anna Triant Couture. It’s a champagne butterfly gown. Fits sizes 2-3.


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A magical session in Smithville, Burlington County NJ. Little one in white is wearing a custom dress by My Little Stinky, Etsy store. Older sister (in pink) is wearing a dress from the Australian designer, dollcake. This gown fits sizes 2-4.

What we are trying to showcase in this post, is that every single session we do is unique to the families we work with. We capture kids for who they truly are. Personalities and everything. NOTHING is forced posed. We like relaxed. The kids stay relaxed.. The parents feel relaxed. When we do sessions, we don’t force anything. We let the magic come alive and speak for itself.

South Jersey Photographer


If looking for something different and will stand the test of time, than look no further than this South Jersey photographer!  We would love to add that extra bit of magic to your session and to your photographs. We wish for you to enjoy them for years to come!


Happy Shooting, my friends!





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