50 PACK Sky Overlays For Sale- Photographers in South Jersey!

50 PACK Sky Overlays For Sale- Photographers in South Jersey!



If anything on this little big planet of ours, I would say that Shooting Star Photography is predominately known for their sky work in the New Jersey and Philadelphia Area. Bright vibrant skies overlooking a gorgeous wildflower field… or beautiful pastel beach skies. I have been photographing landscapes as a hobbyist since 2011 and some of these photographs went into two published books that you can find at Barnes and Noble or via Amazon. A lot of the skies I am selling in this pack, are my most recent. It’s my goal to try to capture a sky photo every time I am out at a photography session.


BEFORE IMAGE.  This image is straight out of camera. 


 Jersey shore beach photographer, southern new jersey photographer

Straight out of camera image taken at the New Jersey shore.



Southern New Jersey Beach Photographer




These skies are special because they are actually blurred in camera. They aren’t toppled with a fake and photoshopped blur overlay. The in camera blur is for a natural effect. More of a drop and drag into your image so that it blends nicely with your  natural depth of field and to make your work look more realistic, as they aren’t overly saturated skies. Simply create a multiply layer, or mask around your subject.. or plop these overlays on in there and create a mask into the image. Either mask on or mask off… after proper alignment. New Jersey skies are tough to keep looking natural, unless you are at the beach for sunrises. In this day and age, more realistic and vintage styles tend to be more the trend as we go into 2018.


If you look at my work, skies are a huge portion of the type of creative and artistic work that I specialize in. What makes the images stand out as they aren’t stock sky overlay photographs. They are original one of a kind sky overlays that can be used for a multitude of different images. Even in the forest they can be used in between trees.


sky overlays, sky overlay pack


I hope you enjoy these skies for years to come!!! I can’t wait to see what sunsets bring me this year!!!


To order the new sky overlay pack, you can purchase it via this link here!


Includes over 50 natural looking sky overlays in this pack!!!




Have a great day my friends and happy shooting!



Shooting Star Photography

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