The Shooting Star Photography Lifestyle

The Shooting Star Photography Lifestyle

The Shooting Star Photography Lifestyle


Yes, the statement above may be a little out of the ordinary. However, it is true. People that come to Shooting Star Photography and live in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area have a unique eye for great photography. Every single image that goes out our door, we make sure is top-notch. We do not approve of producing low quality work. There are many photographers out there who do this. Quality over quantity is our motto with EVERYTHING WE PRODUCE.


To insure the best out of every single session, we have an assistant on hand to run in there with any little flying/straying hair. Maybe a garment needs to be fixed or adjusted, makeup on the teeth.. WE NOTICE THESE THINGS and we will fix them for you. You’ll see us stop for a moment to recompose.

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It’s not ALWAYS business when you work with us. We do have fun personalities. YOU WILL LAUGH and enjoy your session with us. I think that’s what makes our photos very special and unique. Children are caught in their most natural and joyful moments. Parents have natural interactions when doing family sessions… OUR SESSIONS ARE ABOUT JOY and we wish to keep it this way. We have a method and it works. Our work shines through with this.

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We are crazy about our light. This is why our images pop. Sometimes a little bit too crazy, but this is why folks come to us. They are going to be presented in the best light of their true selves that we can give them.


I have a pet peeve in going into a setting and you are running into another photographer doing a family session. Now, I understand this happens (depending on location chosen). However, our locations are from years and years of research. We even published a few books on places to see and local South Jersey history. One book took three years of research because we scoured every little area. This is one of our most popular books we wrote.

Every location is chosen for a reason. First on light, then on general setting. We don’t suggest locations until we have shot and seen what we have produced at that particular location. We have secret beach spots, rustic spots.. you name it from our research over the years. Other photographers, come to us and ask us on locations.



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I cannot stress enough how important it is to dress your best or present your best self in photographs. It shows every little flaw and detail on camera. We do our best on posing and giving you that most thin and flattering pose, BUT… showing up in torn shirts, a barney costume, or fluorescent clothing that you can see from space.. is unfortunately, going to affect the outcome of your photographs. We have so much clothing collected over the years for sessions, that we haven’t even used 50% of what we have. Our inventory is huge. If you want to borrow pieces or have us coordinate something of ours for you… let us know. If not, we will happily oblige in assisting you with your wardrobe choices for our family session.



There is a certain level of appreciation if you live outside the area for a little bit and then return home. The discoveries you find that you may have taken for granted come to life. IE, for me it’s our beaches and our food. The people. I love our quick, straight to the point, direct attitude and we generally love working with people.


The Shooting Star Lifestyle is Real. We are often imitated in the area and honestly, we take it as a compliment. It means we are doing something right.

  1. Andrea says:

    I think your light is absolutely gorgeous. And what a bonus that you have an assistant to be your runner to get perfect finishing touches. Lucky family to have these photos!

  2. Cydnee says:

    This is awesome!

  3. Angela Jackson says:

    Wow! Beautiful work, love the gorgeous beach locations!

  4. shootingstarphotographer says:

    Thank you Angela!!! We love South Jersey beaches!

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