New Designers To Watch Out For In 2018!

New Designers To Watch Out For In 2018!

New Designers To Watch Out For In 2018!


Every year, it seems more and more handmade designers are popping up! Mostly, from the United States, but you see people from all over the globe!


I LOVE IT! I love unique hand made items.


You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to own a one-of -a -kind dress!


Below, I created a list of new designers to watch out for this 2018 year! They are all handmade, beautifully crafted items. Sometimes, only one unique piece is sold in a set. Sometimes, a few in each size.


However, this list is full of funky, vintage and different looks! Designs from the newest couture designer, vintage pieces and everything in between!

For myself, I am loving more and more vintage items in my work.  I do still enjoy utilizing couture dresses, but it’s nice to switch things up from time to time! !

This is from one of my favorite designers from last year! Lulu Stars! They are a clothing designer based out of Australia.

Every single year, there’s always something new to look out for! We used Lulu Stars for a Carnival themed shoot last year. I am posting a few images below!


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Lulu Stars with a joyfolie cover and cotton candy hair piece. Edited in a slight vintage look.

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Popcorn head cutie! Jacket and romper from Lulu Stars 2017 collection.


Little Dreamers Tutus

  • Hot Couture Designer. Check out her NEW couture line. She is STEAMING right now and many just launched!!! Butterfly gowns to big poufy pretties, down to simple and sleek! 


Bentley and Lace

  • With a new revamped website and luxurious fabrics.. They are killing it for girls to tweens! I am going to be photographing a lot of tweens and teens soon. They’ll be one of the designers I will be looking into… as well as Little Dreamers!


Love Izzi 


Little Willow Tree

  • Affordable custom made items!!! High quality


Feltman Brothers

  • Funky everyday threads


Pepa & Company




Children of the Tribe



  • Sweet little dresses.. like Care Bears and My Little Pony!!!


Sugarplum Tree


Little Alice London


Nurture the Nest


The Baby Cave Shop

One of my favorite Etsy shops at the moment!!

I hope you enjoyed this list of neat and affordable  designer collections! Off to buy a Little Willow Tree romper stat!!!
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Her eyes:)

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Ordering cotton candy on my tippy toes!

Happy Shooting my friends,
Shooting Star Photographer
Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey Photographer

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