Family Sessions in South Jersey

Family Sessions in South Jersey

I LOVE Family Sessions in South Jersey!!!


One thing I love capturing is family sessions! I think it’s great to have portraits done with you and your children. It’s important. One day, these may be the only memories you have. I would know, as I recently lost someone special to me. A mentor. A friend.

Most of the locations that I know in South Jersey and use in my photo sessions, were from exploring South Jersey with my mentor. He helped me meet other local historians and assisted me with the books that I published. I will forever be grateful for everything I learned. My heart is broken and I am praying for his family and that he is in peace. I WILL NEVER FORGET MY DEAR FRIEND. Now, I have photographs left behind. My treasures. This is all that is left and it makes me sad.


On a happier note, here’s a family session I did not too long ago. As you see with these sessions, we try to mix it up and add variety. Typically, we get the important family shot.. then portraits with mom, portraits with dad, the kids and then both mom and dad together.


family portraits in Camden County, NJ

family portraits in Camden County, NJ

family session in south jersey



daddy and daughter session in south jersey


Location Location Location

It’s all about location and light for me. As you see, there is beautiful backlighting at this place in the Washington Township, New Jersey Area. Great light= great photos. I love capturing families and the love they share with one another!

I am all about emotion.  I love relaxed sessions. I want my customers to feel relaxed and know they are getting the best out of their sessions. We will take care of it all!



daddy with kids portrait session in new jersey

Daddy with kids


mommy and kids portrait session in south jersey

That beautiful backlighting again! It just gets better and better!

family photographer in south jersey

Mommy and her little boy


family portrait photographer in delaware county pa

Mommy and her little girl


Brother and sister portrait session in New Jersey

Brother and sister.


south jersey photographer portrait session

Brother and sister with beautiful meadow and backlighting


portrait photographer south jersey

Handsome sauce!


photographers in south jersey

What a beautiful little lady


southern new jersey portrait photographer

kisses for my best friend, my sister


southern new jersey kids photographer

Say CHEEEESE Kiddos!!!



family photographers in south jersey

Mom and dad.. in love.


portrait photographer in new jersey

A sunset twirl


As you can see, we do quite a variety in our sessions. Two wardrobe changes here for little girl! We really do like switching things up for our customers. I hope you enjoyed this family session, as I have been fortunate to photograph this family for the past two years! I can’t wait to capture more memories for them. I am truly thankful to be doing what I love to do!


Until we meet again!!! Happy Shooting, my friends!



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