Life’s Too Short… So Life Needs Unicorns!

Life’s Too Short… So Life Needs Unicorns!

Life’s too short… so life truly needs unicorns!


Unicorn sessions are a lot of work around here. They require a ton of time in preparation for things to go and run smoothly. Especially, with working with a live animal and to keep costs down for most since you have to rent the unicorn.. we have limited time to work with during these sessions.   Coordinating dresses, unicorn sashes horns.. We try and compliment to the season/theme/dresses/crowns! Every single unicorn session we do is unique in its own right. We’re truly perfectionists! Our goal is to make every kid feel special, to truly make this a MAGICAL UNICORN EXPERIENCE for each and every child.

You’ll see whimsy and wonder.. and lots of cheer and laughs during these sessions. Most are surprised to see how friendly our unicorn is. A true gentle giant “unicorn.” She’s incredible in her own right. Miss Snowy… I can’t imagine working with another unicorn.. because once you find something so special, you keep hold of it.

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Cute sister unicorn session!



My motto lately is…Life’s too short to even care at all. The popular song by Young The Giants-Cough Syrup. There’s reasoning and meaning to this. Life’s too short to sweat the small things. I am learning this day by day… I have realized these past few weeks that somethings are truly out of my control and am learning to try and let it go because I am sooo hard on myself. I have always been. I love giving 100% to everything.  My mother who is the other half to this business and my partner has been ill. So everything has fallen on me.


We’re busy. We have deadlines to make and clients sessions to fulfill. I always say that success is 90% of just showing up. It is. That’s why even though have not been home this past week… whether at the hospital or with sessions with customers, I haven’t given up. I got this. I CAN DO THIS. I’ve done it before and I may be solo for a bit. That’s also OKAY.  A client of mine has been absolutely wonderful in helping and helped to step up to the plate for mini sessions. When it comes to full sessions, I can manage from here on out as I did this when I started. I AM TRULY grateful for the amazing community of support.. so that I can continue to keep going and keeping putting my best foot forward out there.

Also, take a little whirl below at a cute sister session magical experience! NOT TOO BAD for JANUARY sessions. We got blessed with some pretty mild weather!


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Snowy is bowing her magical unicorn head!

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Such a beautiful little lady!

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Walking my magical unicorn!

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Real snow used here!!! AND… a UNICORN SMILE!!!

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Adding a little color to all the dead in winter!!! 🙂

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Hugs for my little sister!!!

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This one is my fav!!!

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Magical and whimsical!

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Twirl girlfriend!!


Depending on how mom does with her recovery and how these next few weeks go.. Our goal is to try and get another unicorn going by MAY. I truly appreciate your patience! We have had a lot of sessions pushed back because of blooms and weather this year.. and of course these customers are our first priority and obligation! However, stay tuned for another magnificent experience!!!


Happy Shooting,










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