Magic, Magic, Everywhere!

Magic, Magic, Everywhere!

It’s been a magical spring! All these blooms.. From cherry blossoms, dogwoods, tulip trees.. right down to tulips and daffodils. Color and blooms are exploding with life. One thing I have been enjoying mostly are the cherry blossoms! I can’t wait to post some sneak peaks for everyone! They are truly beautiful and lovely!!!


One thing I love to create, is magic. I love creating magic for every single client that comes my way. Below, examples of some of this magic and capabilities and these were taken over two years ago!!! It’s amazing what you can do in the forest on a cold winter day.. to add color to the trees and as long as you have great light… magic can truly happen!



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Magical Forest sessions with leaves.. Taken at a workshop to show the capabilities of what you can do in the dead of winter!

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Love the light and the leaf capture. I can’t believe these were taken OVER TWO YEARS AGO. Wow, how much have grown… but I came upon these beauties recently and needed to share!

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beautiful forest beauty from a workshop.



This time of year, I truly enjoy seeing the dead come to life.. We had a very cold winter and pretty cold spring considering years past. It’s pretty incredible to drive around and see the blooming trees and life coming around full circle! Spring greens are coming in! The light changes to a more warm light… the sun sets at a later time (now we’re at around 7:45pm).  This is the light I live for. I love it!


I wanted to say bye bye to winter and HELLO SPRING SESSIONS IN SOUTH JERSEY!!! Can’t wait to share the new work and meet new clients that have signed up for sessions this year! It’s going to be a fantastic 2018 and I am extremely excited!!!!


Happy Shooting, my friends!



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