We’ve Been Published!

We’ve Been Published!

It’s been an extremely busy summer! From a scare with my husband which ended up with him having to be hospitalized. We weren’t even sure he would make it or even walk again… and then he was transferred to a facility and having to go through rehabilitation. It was pretty rough for the family. Tough times call for tough measures and this time we pulled through. It was scary for the whole family.

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Finally, things are looking up again! Summerana approached me for a feature in their magazine! I am truly honored for this privilege. I have always admired the artists that have been in this magazine. It was a nice surprise to be asked!!

I cannot wait to get my copy! My kiddos were surprised to see themselves as this was a concept I had planned in the winter, in the tulips!

Well… it’s time to get back to work! Still working on some beach sessions from the year, while enjoying some vacation home at the beach with family!

Thank you for an amazing 2018, South Jersey!!

Happy Shooting!!


Shooting Star Photography

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