Let kids be little- A campaign movement

Let kids be little- A campaign movement

Recently, a popular artist went under fire in the photography community. Many say it was warranted. Others have chosen to keep supporting this person. I use to support this “community.” Until, I started to see how cruel they were to customers. How myself was bullied and even brought it up to the head honcho… and I was told that admins don’t get paid for what they do and they are entitled to their opinion.

Yes, that’s fine and dandy, but you also shouldn’t have your customers treated this way. I suggested they clean house and bring in others that will be more positive to the photography community because they are making things worse, on what I alone witnessed with the treatment of others. Of course, this went in one ear out the other. No changes ever made.

You shouldn’t tell you customers to “Fu***” off. I saw this many times. I personally never had this said to, but never say never. I have seen folks ripped apart for their work, mocked, disrespected… seen businesses attacked and destroyed. Seen countless other attacks on myself and others.

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In the past, folks were scared to speak up. They were silenced. This person would gather their army and create a living nightmare for anyone that would speak out on how they were treated. I was once a part of this army. I eventually saw the destruction it was causing to others and I wanted no part in it.

I sat back and said wow… aren’t we adults? This is the stuff you’d do in high school. It was sad to see my mentor who I truly respected and I had once put on a pedestal, to behave this way. It was very disappointing to see this behavior in someone so talented.

Recent events, with children in very compromising outfits, poses, pot, drug references, “motherfu****” sparklers with children. Kids in underwear on city streets. Sex toys being used as props. Kids smoking cigs. The cigarette was actually lit, but told not to breathe in it…. has just gone too far. The industry finally got out of their deep slumber. Folks started speaking out. We were no longer able to be silenced.

What folks don’t understand that this is a tactic they use. Controversy is their middle name and they will use children in sexually exploitive ways to shock you. It’s a scheme, it’s a facade.. and this artist ends up deleting all the images and then plays the victim.

Her scheme has caught on… This is their secret sauce…

What the industry is realizing is the market is so saturated that you can do better selling to photographers.

The real money is making cheap workshops and selling useless PS actions and LR presets.

So this is their secret to success:

1 Create some controversy by posting suggestive photo

2 Watch the traffic increase to your site and allow the hype to take hold

3 Manipulate the fools by removing the “bad stuff” and only show the “good stuff”

4 Play the victim, have your followers defend you everywhere online, tell people to F off as needed

5 Have a big sale on your useless “educational” products – Cha Ching!!!

6 Repeat as needed because everyone knows selling photos is not how to be a real photographer.

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It’s time to let kids be little…

As long as there are folks with cameras who think they can “work at home part time on the side to make a little extra cash”, this person will have a steady stream of sheep to sell to.

It’s why folks need to speak out. Be the voice for kids. Let kids be little. The sexualizing of these children, has gone too far. I will vehemently go to all lengths to protect them.

For my former mentor, I truly hope that things change. I hope that this backlash has finally spoken to you and hit your wallet. I hope that you and your team can work at treating your customers better and I hope that you can stop sexualizing children.

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