Boys Clothing!

Boys Clothing!

I always find boys clothing to be the most simple to coordinate. Why is that? I find it a bit more difficult when it comes to us ladies. Am I wrong?

We have to make sure everything fits right. No bulges anywhere.. everything clean. Hair done. Nails done. Legs done. Wax done… check! check! check!

Then we have to make sure we coordinate. The dreaded coordination. Honestly, colors do vary depending on scenery and season.

For example, I probably wouldn’t wear black on the beach, but you can definitely rock black in the city and/or even the forest. Red… is actually a great color. You can wear this practically everywhere even the beach… it’s always a color that photographs well. Jewel and natural tones work well all the time.

Magenta nope.. hardly ever photographs well. That is one color I am not too fond of and that does not photograph well at all. Don’t even wear it. I am talking about the bright fuschia can see from space color.

As I mentioned, picking out what to wear for women is tough! Phew!

For boys it’s simplicity. Grays, blues, blacks, mustards.whites, cream reds… all work wonderfully. Cute solid tones. Khakis, pants and even some jeans work. This is why I don’t offer too many boys wear. I do have a tux and a few suits in various sizes, but I’m not going to typically shoot entire formal family portraits to which they will coordinate.

This I find to be the perfect boys outfit.. I purchased it for my clients. Size 7.

You can wear this in a field, a vintage session, something formal with the family, a city shoot, could even wear for a farm session with a cute newsboy cap attached. It’s honestly the perfect out and can coordinate with anything.

As our client, you have full access to our awesome wardrobe for your session! Which is included in your session fee/package, do don’t hesitate to ask:)

And photographers… go out and get this! It’s seriously the perfect little set. I can’t wait to use it in photo sessions!

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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The BEST boys outfit. In history…

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