Follow Friday!

Follow Friday!

Today, is follow Friday! Yay! I love new and emerging artists and enjoy the folks I have learned to love and admire over time. I love seeing artists grow. No matter where they may be on their journey!

In this collage, you’ll find these talented ladies. I have supported and loved all of them from their start. If you get a moment, find them on social media and prepare to fall in love.

I am so fortunate to have talented “coworkers” in my life who help to support me and grow.

Check them out! 🙂

Happy Shooting, my friends!


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From top to bottom: Shana Carter Photography, Top Right: Claudia, from Lola Sam, Bitton Left: Mary Flores (a new and emerging artist) Bottom Right: Sirin Walls who took a year off of clients to just shoot for herself.

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