Grandpa and me…

Grandpa and me…

Every single session we do for our clients is truly unique. Not one photograph will look the same because we truly love making every single photograph a true keepsake and piece of art.

It’s honestly what we we trained to do in this business. As I reflect back on this 2018 year, I have to say it was the hardest year of my life.


As I look back, I almost lost my mother, who is my assistant.. She was hospitalized for over a month. It was a nightmare during this time. We thought she may not make it and that she may no longer be with us. She’s a huge asset to this photography business. She’s the best assistant I could ever ask for and am grateful for everything she does. I am so elated she is still here with us and recovered fully.


About 10 days after my mom came home, it was my husband’s turn. He had flu-like symptoms and his condition got worse and worse. He was then hospitalized. The doctors were baffled as to what was happening. Every specialist they had on hand, he saw. His condition got worse and worse to the point where we almost lost him. He lost all bodily functioning, he lost his ability to walk. It was a very scary time. They put him on every antibiotic known to man. It was within two weeks, he started to finally show some life again and slowly got better. He was later transferred to an inpatient subacute rehabilitation center to learn how to walk all over again. It was later found out by infectious disease that what he caught, only effects about 2,000 patients a year with about a 60% mortality rate. He’s lucky to be here.


When I look back on the year, I see myself. I see how strong I was. As a wife, daughter, mother.. and I honestly don’t know how I got through it all. I kept every single photography session that I had scheduled.  I did not cancel on anyone. In fact, the sessions were very therapeutic for me as I was going through this. It’s true how art can soothe the soul. There were some delays on editing galleries, but very understandable in the situation and I did inform customers of the situation. Under normal circumstances, most folks would be able to take a leave of absence from their jobs. However, as a single business owner, I unfortunately was unable to do that. I just trucked through.  I realized how strong I really am and how I kept it together. I know most folks would crumble. I just feel fortunate to have both the folks I love dearly still here with me.


In any event… as I look back and everything I went through. I realize how very important photographs are. I made a point to get myself photographed with my children this past fall.. as I didn’t have any. I also made an appointment with a photographer I admire for 2019 and I plan to make an appointment with another one as well. It’s very important.


This is why I am sharing this… This is grandpa. He doesn’t live in the US (hopefully, soon though) and I told my customer it was important to bring her father so that he could be in some images. This will be a keepsake for the family for years to come to remember. Our children get older every day and the folks that we love.. we continue to lose, year after year. Time does not stand still. This is why it’s important to capture these moments. I truly hope this mama got this blown up and proudly displayed in the house. It’s beautiful.

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I love including all family members in my family portraits.


Get those photographs folks. Capture these precious moments. One day you may not have your loved ones with you.. and all you have left are these. This is why I love what I do and why I got into photography in the first place.


If you would like to book your family session, please reach out. We would love to customize something special for you!!!


Happy Shooting, my friends!!!!




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